One of the complaints about the Nexus 7 is the lack of storage and/or the lack of ability to expand that storage. At this stage the only option is to root your Nexus 7 and then use StickMount with an OTG Cable and USB Flash Drive.

Well, there is now an app in the market that does not require root to connect a USB Flash drive via USB OTG cable :Nexus Media Importer. You still require a USB OTG Cable which will cost you about $2 on eBay, you can then import and stream music, video and photos from a USB flash drive or SD card connected to your device running Android 3.2 and up.

The app costs $1.89 but the Developer has provided the app Nexus Photo Viewer for you to download free of charge to try out the implementation and make sure it works before you drop any money on it. I have rooted my Nexus 7, which unfortunately means I cannot test this app, however the comments look positive, so try out the free version and see how you go.

Update : The app was removed briefly, I emailed the Dev who got back to me and advised :

I was having issues keeping up with support and had to make a difficult decision about exFAT. After numerous requests, I put it back up (minus exFAT) and put people on notice that support could be slow.

Sorry for the inconvenience I caused everyone and thanks for your support.

So it’s back in the Play Store for download, go grab it, but be aware that it has no exFAT support, apart from that it’s good to go.

Source: Reddit.
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    Woo! It works for my Nexus 7… after waiting a month for my OTG cable to arrive from DealExtreme!


    Hi. Can anybody help me. I am struggling to find an OTG cable. Tried Dick Smith with no luck and everyone I find on Amazon seems to not ship to Australia.



    Also try dealextreme for cheaper cables and adapters… but you gotta wait a fair while for it.


    HELP ! where has the “nexus media importer” gone?
    I downloaded the free version photo viewer and with much excitement plugged in my USB and fantastic it works 🙂 Rushed off to get the media importer and its not there :'( I am novice and don’t want to root my nexus 7 so desperately want this app

    Daniel Tyson

    I’ve emailed the Dev, i`ll let you know what they say, if/when they reply

    Damon Smith

    App is back on Google play.

    Michelle Treloar

    Awesome thanks, I am now a very happy camper


    Awesome, works perfectly on my Lenovo Thinkpad’s USB port. Just what I have been looking for!


    Will this app work for Motorola Xoom running Jelly Bean ??

    Daniel Tyson

    Apparently it will according to the comments I read, but try the free app first to make sure


    OK. I can confirm both apps (fre & paid) work with a GEDified Motorola Xoom running Jelly Bean. But I couldn’t get the app to install on my HTC Velocity running ICS. So .. the apps must require JB to operate. Hope this feedback helps.

    Daniel Tyson

    It does indeed, thanks for following up, the description does say from Honeycomb upwards, weird that it won’t work on the Velocity, maybe something in Sense is stopping it?

    Satwik Kamatmehbro

    works amazingggg!!!!!!!!! <3


    Only seems to show seven items.


    My bad. I can scroll those up to see all of them.


    Thanks for bringing this to our attention, Dan. I’ll be sure to give it a go on my new Nexus.

    Daniel Tyson

    You got one? What do you think so far?


    Still got to wait for the OTG cable to arrive but will let you know.

    The Nerd Mama

    This is great news! Now to get an OTG cable…