Ahh, I love this time of year. The rumour mill for the next Nexus phone from Google is starting to ramp up and here we go, SamMobile.com is advising that the next Nexus phone we see will be from Samsung and be only a minor iterative upgrade from the Galaxy Nexus(GT-i9250) and more along the lines of a Googleified version of the Galaxy S III.

The new Nexus will be model # GT-i9260 and will have the same sized screen but will get a CPU speed bump from 1.2GHz to 1.5GHz although it will remain as a Dual-Core and not go to Quad-Core. The much maligned Galaxy Nexus Camera will be upgraded from 5MP to 8MP as well as a minor upgrade to the front facing camera going from 1.3MP to 1.9MP and my favourite of the rumours, as well as 16GB of memory on-board, there will be an expansion card slot to expand memory.

The rumour is that the device would be cheaper which would go well with Google’s strategy of trying to get devices running Google services into as many hands as possible and Samsung is well known as the king of the cheap phones although I seriously hope this does not result in a worse outcome in build quality for the new Nexus when compared to the Galaxy Nexus.

Well, it’s a rumour and I love to talk about the new Nexus phones. Is this Nexus supposedly from Samsung going to be one of five released or are we going to only see one Nexus this year and do you mind if it is only a relatively minor spec bump?

Source: SamMobile.
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I hope these are not the official specs, because it is about
time Google stepped up their game and release a Nexus phone with current tech
(i.e: Quad core CPU with a good GPU, 2GB Ram, a decent camera etc..), something that can hold it’s
ground for at least 2 years. They have always been 6~12 months behind the
technology curve with recent nexus releases (i.e Nexus S, Galaxy Nexus). I’m
a big fan of AOSP, but I never bought a Nexus device because the specs were
always a letdown.


One that doesn’t suffer from a pestilential bootloop would be dandy. Got a new GN recently, that’s been my experience. There’s a YouTube vid that claims it can be fixed, and it’s BS. Went back to my S, it’s pokey and has no notification LED but it works. Anyone else had this problem or is it just me?


never had the issue. flash the stock rom on google website- its official so wont affect warranty.


I would buy a Nexus device with an SD card slot in a heartbeat.


I dont believe this because of the SD card slot. But given the performance of the GNex and JB I wouldn’t mind a minor performance upgrade so long as it has a good battery edurance upgrade to counter that. And Gorilla Glass 2/Laminated display.

Tim Drough

I would mind. My contract finished in July and I was pretty close to getting an SGSIII but after playing with a Nexus 7 I want to get the pure Google experience. I think it needs to be quad core, and it would be ace to have a 12mp camera… I would settle for 8.
With the new iphone on the horizon I would love it if Google put up something that crapped all over it, or do they just concede they aren’t going to beat it so just put out something sub-par?!

David Anderton

what happened to the multiple manufacturer rumour??? I hope they still do it,


seriously why would someone vote this down? Who doesn’t want more choice?


I don’t mind if it only had those updates. And I do hope they don’t make the screen bigger. PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DON’T MAKE IT BIGGER! If it does have an SD card expansion slot then I’ll be happy. 🙂


Why does everyone bag the nexus camera? without big noting myself I take great photos with the nexus.

Daniel Tyson

It’s not about the framing or lighting etc, it’s if you took a photo with an SGS II at the same time as you took it with a Galaxy Nexus, the SGS II photo is definitely far superior. For speed though the GNex has meant I caught some excellent photos of my son.

Fahad Rahman

I can vouch for this I have a Gnex and my brother has a SGSII and he takes brilliant photo’s.


i think we can safely ignore this rumour given the reported sd card slot.


totally agree with you on this one, … the other bits maybe make sense, but an SD card slot, i sure hope they don’t flip flop on this, they need to stay strong on the decisions they make to help push and make android more aligned. with jelly bean “just” announced, i would hope that they don’t go and release a new OS version in Nov/Dec when they have nominally announced the Nexus device to champion the new OS. Prediction would be that there will be no new Nexus until IO 2013 when the next OS is released… give the… Read more »


This makes a whole lot of sense. the Galaxy Nexus is by no means outdated and a small upgrade to fix its biggest annoyances would be welcome – especially if they could do a N7 and reduce the price so it becomes an impulse buy for a lot of us. I personally would pick one up to replace my aging SGS I.

The Nerd Mama

I’d be disappointed if there wasn’t a quad core offering of a Nexus phone.

Stephen Crisafulli

If Jelly bean on the SGS3 makes Jelly bean on the Gnexus look slow then Yes it will be disappointing so lets see


Not sure how it is slow to you? Have not seen 1 iota of lag with jellybean. I also have not seen a gs3 with jellybean.


He said IF. And I completely agree. If the S3’s extra power doesn’t make a real world improvement I wouldn’t mind. Android is smooth enough now that I think they should focus on getting close to two days off the charger.

Daniel McAnally

On CyanogenMod 10 (jelly bean) and my goodness its smooth! Let’s hope Samsung does just as good as the cm team


Yea, I really hope TW doesn’t hold the phone back.

Dean Reading

It wouldn’t surprise me if they aimed for the mid-range market, like with the Nexus 7. Maybe they want to get the pure google lovin out to the masses


doesn’t the galaxy nexus already come with super amoled hd? it does have 720p resolution. I suspect if it would have a dual core krait processor rather than just overclock the current one.


What would good is, if it was the exynos 5240 chip. hahaha.. hardly likely but a man can dream

Vijay Alapati

bigger screen, more memory, quadcore CPU and if possible a kick stand would be great


A kick-stand? geezus god no… buy a case with one!