Vodafone has just advised that maintenance release 2 for Android 4.0.4 is rolling out to the Galaxy S III. There are a few new upgrades to applications in there as well as updates to features and some bug fixes, you can see the full information in their FAQ but the basics are here :

  • Upgrade to Google Mobile Services v4.0 r3
  • Updates to included Samsung Applications (S-Memo, S-Suggest and S-Voice etc)
  • Introduces AllShare Cast

Device Features

  • Brightness slider now included in notifications shade
  • Change to dialling animation and browser bar
  • Refreshed power button pop-up menu
  • Other minor user interface changes
  • Support for HDCP Key 2.1 for Smart View service
  • Modem patch from chip vendor

Bug Fixes

  • Exchange ActiveSync – picture was not opened and saved with Hotmail accounts
  • Email notifications – displays correct message subject (including when blank)
  • Microphone performance – re-turned to improve voice transmit when microphone is held away from mouth

Vodafone recommend you have your battery charged before the update, you can check for the update if you haven’t already seen the notification by going to Settings > About Phone > Software Update > Check Now. The update delivered OTA is 86.7MB in size and is available free of charge if on the Vodafone network but you will be charged for data if you are using a non-Vodafone SIM in which case hop onto Wi-Fi before starting the download. You can of course do the update via Kies however this will involve a 1616.1MB download, the Vodafone update procedure for Kies is available here.

Rollout will be staggered as such :

  • Day 1-3: 10% of phones are selected at random to be eligible for upgrade
  • Day 4-13: An additional 10% of phones are selected at random per day
  • Day 14: The update is now available to all users
Source: Vodafone G+.
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since the update, my phone is ridiculously fast. before the update, I used to get moments where widgets would take ages to pop up or I had to wait a few seconds for the app tray to load, that is all a thing of the past now. the only issue I have with this update is that you can’t modify widget layout by simply long pressing the widget, they added an extra step for no reason.


Before this patch my phone was really sluggish with switching to mobile data, with huge delays to loading pages etc. It’s much snappier now, the phone finally feels complete.


Got mine 🙂


any news on when and if the other carriers might deploy this as well?

Phil Tann

Mine’s done – seem’s slightly snappier now and had 2 people commend on audio quality already.