I was lucky enough to receive a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 to review.  I decided to share the unboxing, because who doesn’t love a good tech preview?  I also share my first impressions of the build of the latest from Samsung.

I hope you enjoy it!  Keep an eye on Ausdroid for my follow up article and full review on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 soon!

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Does anyone know when this device will available in stores such as JB’s or Harvey Norman’s?


Thanks for showing an honest review of the device. I’m with you on the jack placement esp, what an odd spot to put it. The “bubble” back seems strange too. I like to know how these devices feel in hand – solid, flimsy etc before buying. I want to know it can stand up to everyday abuse. Looking forward to the next video and what you think of the software and apps.


i’ll give you a synopsis. she hold’s a tablet. points to the buttons. in your head you think *no sh*t * then doesn’t even show you how it runs or any of its features.

This is not worth 6 minutes of your life. I wanted to see if i wanted to buy this tablet. What you gave me, i could have looked at a photo for.


Chris Rowland (Team Ausdroid)

Come back for the review then. In the meantime, don’t comment here again.

g guest

Chris – you need to take what “j” said as constructive criticism. I would bet none of your ausdroid followers care what the box looks like or what else is in the box (take a poll if you like). Ausdroid followers are following you because they care about what a device DOES. Keep the vids relevant ..oh, and snappy (a 60 sec review doesn’t need to take 6 mins).

Hi @5cfb67c5f32618e1020590147023eef0:disqus and @google-56eb737b3453ced77df2f27a4633c22d:disqus, we do take all feedback on board. What we don’t appreciate, though, is when people confuse giving constructive feedback with just being rude.

This is part of the reason we run our reader survey – to understand what people do and don’t want.

I’m sure some people don’t like unboxing videos, and I’m sure some people probably do. However, we will take on board the feedback we get from this post, and if people don’t want unboxing videos in future, or if they’d prefer them to be shorter, then we’ll do that.

g guest

chris, for the next survey, perhaps a free form box at the end of the survey so you can get some additional free-form feedback??

An excellent idea. Might even try and get it in now.

Ronnie Beck

I think the Ausdroid team do a fantastic job. I love the site for it’s style of writing and presentation. At it’s core, the site comes across to me as being honest, to the point and comprehensive. I really enjoy what you guys and gals do. I really hope you don’t take criticism (both rude or otherwise) to heart. Tia’s response to J was perfect IMHO. She justified her video maturely without resorting to “if you don’t like it then fuck off”. That is admirable. The Aussie tech crowd can be a tough audience to please and it in terms… Read more »

The Nerd Mama

Thanks for the feedback, “J”. I wanted to keep this video short, only offering a first impression on the build of the device. As with any software, app or device, being able to give a good review on usability takes longer than 24 hours. I have replaced my regular daily tablet with the Note 10.1, so that I can give a more thorough review to help people decide if this tablet is worth them investing in.

Ronnie Beck

Looking forward to your impressions. I would be interested to know how fluid the ui feels in your opinion. Actually a quick flick through the menus and running some of the basic apps to give us a little bit of the flavour of the tab would have made a great addition to this vid. It will be interesting to hear what uses you found for the sPen.

btw nice voice! 🙂

Ronnie Beck

i have to agree with “J” on this one. American review sites shit me because they use “unboxing” videos to post early, just like retards who think it is awesome to be the first to post in a forum thread. They fucking useless and i would rather wait until someone has the proper amount of time to contibute some real information. I am happy to wait a few days to here your REAL review. Unboxing videos are a waste of time. I think of Ausdroid as being better than the yank sites because they have avoided this kind of rubbish… Read more »