World News Australia won’t be the only Android app to come from SBS. The television network today launched SBS On Demand for iOS (as that’s where the greater demand is), however, journalist and friend of Ausdroid, Neerav Bhatt, today let us know that the SBS On Demand app for Android “is in development”.

The app will allow users to stream SBS content to their devices over either Wi-Fi or 3G connections. If you’re one to consume content in your own time, then this will be an app to keep an eye on. We’ll let you know when we hear any more info such as a release date.

Update: October 2013 After a long wait, the SBS On Demand Android app is now available.

Source: Neerav Bhatt.
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    Sbs really has some great series however i tend to miss many of them. When will the android app be ready for sbs on demand?


    Is it because iphone is one app, while android needs a different app for every different android device? I have a Galaxy s and a htc one x, apparently both good phones, and i cannot watch anything on the htc, while on the samsung i cannot watch sbs on demand. Adobe owns flashplayer and wont share it. What point then all this technology, it is useless even after we paid for these stupid phones. You can shove your technological revolution where the sun dont shine, im over it. Midi, when nerds were nice the world was a better place. Try… Read more »


    How far away is the android app for SBS on demand?

    Hurry up. You’re seriously lagging with the times and I’m embarrassed for you.


    SBS On Demand is compatible with most software under the sun except with the most popular Android. Australian taxpayers are the paymasters, but then Apple and Microsoft of this world shower the incentives to maintain the monopoly and stifle the open source Android.

    Ben Adryl

    Samsung Android phones alone own 32% of the mobile phone market share and it is growing and that is just the Samsung brands. Apple’s iPhone comes in a very poor second to Androids and even to just Samsung alone and their market share is falling. Apple is really just the first of the also rans. The era of iPhone dominance has past. Android phones should get top priority.

    Brett Worth

    Wow! Android has 68.1% market share compared to iOS’s 16.9% and SBS thinks that Android is a lower priority that the Apple App.


    Hopefully ABC pulls something out for iView as well!

    David Anderton

    tell centrelink to join the party aswell.