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After getting news last week that the Optimus Vu will not be launching in Australia it’s a bit of a stretch to see this launching here in Australia but LG has announced via their website that a successor to the Optimus Vu will be launching in South Korea next month. The biggest drawcard for this phone at least for me is the built-in IR port and Q Remote application which appears to be setting itself up as the centre of your home automation gear. From the look of the screenshots the phone will retain the 4:3 aspect ratio of the original Optimus Vu but not much else is known apart from the existence of the IR port, there is also no mention of the capacative stylus on the LG page so who knows if that will be included.

I loved the IR port on some of my previous phones which I used as universal remotes, I have often wondered why they have been left off in the age of Smartphones as the proliferation of Bluetooth or Radio controlled A/V equipment has not occured so why not just give us back an IR port on our phones with which to program remote control applications, I’d certainly pay extra for that convenience, would you?

Source: LG NewsroomEngadget.
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An IR port on an android device, and an app that can be used as a universal learning remote… Killer combo.

David Anderton

yep even old nokias used to have ir. its a great feature that costs nothing


Damn straight. Would have thought it was a no brainer.