To date, HTC has only made one foray into the world of tablet computing – the stylus-powered, overpriced, 7-inch HTC Flyer, and its larger brother, the 10.1-inch Jetstream. The devices were not exactly commercial successes for HTC – the cool stylus features were attractive, but ultimately they lacked the pizazz necessary to justify the base price, which was over $500.

If the photos over on the Twitter are to be believed, HTC might be ready to try again to enter this highly competitive market with a 10-inch Android tablet that appears to be made of the same high-quality plastic as the HTC One X. The One X is one of the finest devices available at the moment, and a bigger version wouldn’t be a bad thing at all. The camera on the bottom of the device is a pretty unusual design choice though, and I can’t imagine how that would be practical, but I’m sure there’s a reason for it.

This mystery device, if real, will be directly competing against the iPad, the myriad other Android 4 tablets and soon Windows RT tablets such as the Microsoft Surface. HTC can’t really afford many more missteps, so hopefully they’ve got something up their sleeve to make this device the stand-out tablet I’ve always wanted from HTC.

Of course, these renders could simply be the result of an enthusiastic photoshopper, but have a look anyway and let us know what you think.

Source: Twitter.
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It’s an ugly looking tablet….

SYD Harry

My guess is, HTC will unveil their 10inch Jelly Bean tablet in late October( or after iPad mini released).
In the above picture Google map and Talk icons are older Android version icons. So……..

Mark J

Where are the buttons?
And does the screen look a bit too vibrant, especially at the boarders in pics 2,4 and 6?
Seems to me like the screen is either not real or is an amazing panel

Ben Neill

that’s a massive bezel at the bottom! Looks like it’s all speaker though which would be nice. One thing I hate about my TF Prime is the speaker at the back.

Still, the top is a better place for that, so it doesn’t get in the way of 2 finger typing!

Michael Goulding

I’m excited!

It looks like an iMac, just saying… (to myself)


When I saw the preview of this article on Facebook, I first thought “Why do they have a picture of an iMac”