Microsoft has released their SkyDrive app for Android giving people the choice to use their cloud storage over other options on the market such as Dropbox, Box or even Google Drive. The app allows you to store and access your files from pretty much any device as most of the cloud storage options these days now do. From the SkyDrive app you can upload multiple photos or videos from your phone to SkyDrive and share links to them as well as view recent documents, create folders and delete documents.

The app isn’t too bad, worth checking out, although the app I am really waiting for from Microsoft is Smart Glass, or a good upgrade to their My Xbox Live app which will allow me to use my phone as an Xbox remote, still it’s good to see Microsoft delivering apps to multiple platforms.

Source: Google Play Store.
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    Ergh, so frustrating! #1, absolutely terrible interface for tablets, #2 Why can’t you use the online excel editor to edit spreadsheets on your skydrive? – What office app are you supposed to use that allows editing of skydrive documents?


    Where is the link? Hello???