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Looks like selling out at most Aldi stores within 5 minutes is good for business, so Aldi will be stocking another Bauhn branded tablet as of the 8th of September. The Ice Cream Sandwich running tablet is running a 9.7″ 4:3 Aspect ration screen but for $249 it’s not that bad. There were some issues over the specs supplied last time in that the CPU was not Dual-Core despite being listed as such in the catalogue however the specs on the website appear to match the catalogue this time so the specs are :

  • 1.5GHz Dual-Core Cortex A9 Amlogic 8726-MX CPU
  • 9.7″ 4:3 IPS LCD (1024 x 768)
  • 16 GB internal storage(expandable with micro SD memory card)
  • 1GB DDR3 RAM
  • WLAN / Wi-Fi – IEEE 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth – 2.1
  • G Sensor – Screen Rotation
  • 2.0 MP Rear Camera and 0.3MP Front Facing Camera with Internal Microphone
  • USB 2.0 Input
  • Headphone Jack – 3.5mm Stereo Output
  • Android 4.0
  • HDMI Output
  • Li-Polymer Battery (up to 6 hours)

Thanks to user vnkttm over at Ozbargain we have a scan of the catalogue :

So, anyone after one of these or wanting to spend the extra $50 and get a Nexus 7 despite the difference in screen size? I know where my money would be going.

Source: OzBargainBauhn.
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    Well I have had no issue… and have to Be thankful by the sounds of it……. love it for the first tablet I’ve ever used … it does the job for me


    Dear all, Got the latest tablet at ALDI last week. No need to queue, bought it Tuesday after it was on sale. Thought about returning it straight away after reading some reviews, but … Opened box. Opened Browser (unspecified which one it is but I didn’t look too hard to find out). Went to favourite website (golf related). Pull-down menus don’t work. Went to second favourite website (money related). Left-hand side is chopped off by 8 to 10 characters. Loaded Firefox… figured it would work the same as on desktop. Exactly the same result. Given the ONLY thing I wanted… Read more »


    Hi I was wondering if it is possible to download Microsoft word on the android tab from aldi


    A work colleague purchased two of the first offering from Aldi and got me to help him set his one up. He purchased it as a cheap alternative to an iPad. If the first one is anything to go by, I wouldn’t be touching this one with a 10″ pole! Hopefully they have given the correct difinition of processors this time (last one was double core as in 1 processor and 1 graphics processor). The original was extremely laggy, froze and generally provided a poor first experience of Android (he had to perform a factory data reset for the Play… Read more »


    The aldi tablet sold in June was single core… this is dual core, and has faster ram.


    It sounds promising, if only as an inexpensive gameplay tablet.


    Rumour on Whirlpool has it that this tablet has no GPS capability.
    Also, the specs list does not say what the screen resolution is in pixels, only what size in inches it is.


    Website specs say 1024×768


    Guys PLEASE don’t buy this tablet. I bought two (for myself and parents) and they are terrible. Non certified (meaning a heap of apps won’t work and can’t be side loaded) Its slow and laggy constantly and overall its just a horrible waste of $250. For a tiny bit more you can get a 8Gb nexus tablet which is better in almost every way (processor, gpu, ram, screen resolution and quality)

    Do all as you like but these horrid tablets are the reason people hate “android” because of tablets this slow and under powered.


    How did you get to buy two of this particular tablet, when it will not be on sale at Aldi until September 8.


    I bought two of these last time they were on sale. I queued at 7am to get them. Ultimately angry with myself for buying cheap garbage 🙁 thank god I returned them and got a nexus 7 instead

    Susan Martin

    And just where would your money be going, would you answer that one please?

    Daniel Tyson

    Nexus 7 all the way.


    No word of a joke the nexus 7 is amazing if you only want to spend 250-350$ on a tablet you must buy that tablet. Its fast, light and overall kicks the Aldi tabs ass