An update for Google Now has just come through the Google Search app for devices running Android 4.1 which includes new cards such as Public Alerts to allow you to receive emergency messages such as storm warnings and earthquake alerts and also a Movies card which gives you information on session times and will appear when you are near a movie theater, or on the days you’re most likely to search for movies like maybe the weekend. The update also includes added functionality for the Favourite Sports team card, such as the ability to set which sports team you follow instead of basing it off your search history you can now specify your American sports team from the NFL, NBA, NHL or Baseball into your Google Now card, it still gives no option to choose an Australian sports team but you can now add your favourite European Soccer teams.

The update also includes support for South Korea. Great to see that Google is continuing to work on Google Now as I can see a number of options which would be worthwhile adding in, but I really am desperate to get the Australian Sports team scores into there. Can’t wait to see what other cards they are going to add in the future.

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    Charles Kane

    The original Now is a killer when it comes to bus stops. I catch buses in Adelaide and on arrival at any bus stop I get the arrival time of buses, a real boon! Love the European football updates too, and great to manually update teams, did it this morning when my Now update was pushed.

    Phillip Molly Malone

    Here here on the Australian Sports teams! So good to know that the updates to it are via the Search App and not the whole OS. To be honest I thought a lot of updates to the functionality of Now would happen on the “Web” side of things. That is, in what it can understand and whats available.