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Another day another confirmation from manufacturers that they have no plans to upgrade the OS on devices. This time Sony have confirmed that the Tablet P will not be receiving updates due to it’s low sales and even lower interest from developers. The dual screen format was a cool concept but like many other strongly opinionated tech geeks out there I never really saw a place in the market for this one, clearly neither did the buyers. It’s not all bad news for Sony Tablet owners, the Tablet S has been confirmed as getting the update with no timeline set for the release though.

So for the 3 of you in Australia who bought one of these little dual screen beasts, if you’re after some Jellybean goodness it’s off to XDA Developers for you.

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    Ben Liu

    It would help if they actually sold the device in Australia.. outside their 3 stores or something for the whole Country. Thats why there is little to no acceptance of it.


    I’m not surprised. Anyone who bought one of these thinking that there would be long term support has rocks in their head.

    Phil Tann

    LOL – Well played!

    Milty Mc

    Yes fair enough. But Sony and others dont realise that by not supporting devices they will lose customers in the long run. Happy customers who have bug free and supported devices are the best marketing people the OEMs can have. My Galaxy 10.1 is still stuck on buggy honeycomb, so why would i recommend samsung to anyone ? why would i buy another touch whiz device. Not me, never again.