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Samsung’s newly announced Galaxy Note II is now available for pre-order from reputable Australian online retailers MobiCity and Kogan. MobiCity is asking for $849 per device, and Kogan is asking for $839 per device with a limit of 1 per customer. Don’t let the $10-less price at Kogan fool you; MobiCity can still be cheaper if you choose their free postage with Toll Insured Courier. Each offer an included year of warranty with extensions available.

I added each device to my cart on each respective site to see what the total for me would be. You can see what my results were below. Of course, if you prefer one retailer over the other, at this price difference, it really doesn’t matter which one you choose.

Kogan on the left. MobiCity on the right.

Kogan state that they are expecting stock to be dispatched on October 15th and MobiCity expect stock 1 day later. Will you be pre-ordering a device?

Source: MobiCity (Galaxy Note II)Kogan (Galaxy Note II).
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hhmmm wondering if I’ll wait for the 4G flavour.


Um who cares about delivery price. I would buy from kogan any day instead of mobicity. Or from hk if you dont care about warranty….


According to this (http://goo.gl/t7NCG) article, pre-order price in India is around AUD 677. $180 less than what these grey importers are charging !!


I rather get it on contract or get it from European, it will be a lot cheaper.


…or get it from Hong Kong and they do it for $500 or less. Someone said “but what if it breaks?…” “…there’s a newer model by then.” Memories.

Stephen Reeves

I’ll probably opt to get mine through Telstra on a 24 month plan. (IF THEY RELEASE A 4G ONE!!!)


Going by history Telstra will be the last carrier to get it and it will cost more thanthe recommend retail price.


agreed, I will definitely be updating my note when this comes to Telstra as long as they stock the 4g model