As already noted this morning in other posts, The Samsung Galaxy S III 4G is available for pre-order in Australia NOW!

You can buy outright through the Samsung store in Sydney or on a plan via Telstra or Optus.

In a press release this morning: Tyler McGee, Vice President Telecommunications, Samsung Electronics Australia said:

The Australian market continues to demonstrate a diverse set of consumer needs and we are committed to responding to this with a wide portfolio of products. Following the recent success of the Samsung GALAXY S III, the addition of the 4G powered GALAXY S III Onyx Black and Titanium Gray is part of our ongoing commitment to leading the charge in technology innovation and choice.

Citing a list of specs that is nothing short of impressive and the latest version of Android, 4.1 Jellybean:

If you haven’t already upgraded to a Galaxy SIII and were thinking about it, this is sure to be the incentive to pull the trigger.

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Damnit, I’m in Newcastle at the moment. Does anyone know how much it costs outright in the Samsung Experience Store?


$899 apparently


Any info on the SOC and RAM?


I can confirm it’s Quad core, unsure about the RAM.