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If you’re desperate to get your hands on the Samsung Galaxy S III 4G then you’re very likely going to get it from either Optus or Virgin Mobile — both are offering it before it launches next month on Telstra — so we thought we’d do a quick comparison of similar plans from both carriers. If you’re after a better, far-reaching 4G network, then you’re best to wait it out until Telstra announces prices. Virgin Mobile is using Optus’s mobile network, so there’s no need to compare those two in that regard.

Plan Cost$60/mo$59/mo
Cap Credit$650$700
Total Cost$1,608$1,584
CallsUnlim Optus – 90c/min (+35c)Unlim Virgin – 99c/min (+40c)
SMSUnlim nationalUnlim national
Video Call$1.00/min (+40c)99c/min (+40c)
Int. SMS50c45c
Int. MMS75c60c

Buzz Moody  

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Ray Cliff
Ausdroid Reader

Also anyone wanting to call o/seas frequently should know that Virgin is the ONLY aus provider that lets you use ALL your call value credit for o/seas if you wish! No other provider offers that in Aus (as far as I can tell) Also, I think Virgin is also the only one to “rollover” any unused call $$$$ – to the next month – Great value for your dollars! Also the best company to deal with ! No, I do not work for them, I just have my personal experience to go by. Great customer service !!


Remember Virgin normally use 1MB data units. So you’ll chew through your data quicker.

Jacob Tawil

4) Data includes uploads and downloads and is charged per KB

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