Samsung have today rolled out a maintenance update for the generic Samsung Galaxy S IIIs sold in Australia — from Dick Smith and the like. The update keeps the device on Android 4.0.4, but does bring stability, security and performance increases.

The update is 93MB in size, so if you are going to download it, make sure you do so over a WiFi network; ensure your battery is well charged, also.

There has been no word on the release date for Jelly Bean on the generic Galaxy S III, however, Samsung pushes most updates out at the same time — so once the carriers begin the roll out, the generic devices will also get it.

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Stuart Buck

Loved the brightness slider. Unfortunately the way that you add icons to the home screen now or even move them around is really stuffed. Have to select menu edit to do it. Also couldn’t work out how to change icons in dock bar at bottom of screen. Fortunately I had a backup and could roll it back.


Phone said update was available when I was at the train station, so I postponed it for 1 hour, get home connect to wifi and now says no update, it’s been 3 hours since I the notice.. WT? It’s a generic S3.

Paul Walker

I have a generic SIII (purchased at Dick Smith) and it doesn’t seem to find an update when I tell it to check.

Paul Walker

Tried again later. Now it works.

I’ve noticed that I now have the brightness slider on the notification screen.


Why doesn’t genetic get updates first? After all there is no carrier bloat to test.

Dean Reading

I agree. Wouldn’t the generic devices get it at about the same time that the carriers get it and start their ‘testing’?


… spoke with rep in George St Samsung store on the same matter for the Samsung S3 4G. It was mentioned that there’s “an agreement” between Samsung and the carriers whereby – to paraphrase – Samsung doesn’t trump the carriers’ rollout or release of phones or updates.

In a technical sense, the Samsung generic phone is always ready first with the update, it’s a commercial agreement to prevents it from rolling out before the carriers.