When Trend Micro’s PR agency rang last week, my first question was — why? They know we write about mobile devices, particularly Android, right? Well, I demonstrated my lack of product knowledge, as I soon found out why. Trend Micro, formerly a maker of desktop security software employed by Intel and Novell, has obviously expanded their product line a little, and I started paying attention right about the time that I was told Trend Micro offers an Android security solution as well.

I’ll say first and foremost, I don’t usually bother with desktop security/anti-virus/whatever packages, as I am a Mac user, and mostly the threats that exist on the Internet don’t affect me. Right? Wrong. It seems that there’s a few nasties out there these days that can target Mac, but more scary, there’s things out there that target mobile devices too.

Fast forward to today’s mail, where we received a large box containing some info from Trend Micro, and I thought I’d share some of this with you.

Launching on 11 September, Trend Micro’s Titanium Maximum Security (which I’ll call TMS for short) offers bundled protection for up to five different devices, including mobile, PC, tablet and Mac. With this one product, you can protect your computer, your kid’s Mac, and three of your mobile devices. Neat.

… there’s things out there that target mobile devices too.

TMS includes the features you’d expect — a virus scanner and malware detector — with things you probably wouldn’t, like a social networking privacy scanner, parental controls, and the ability to identify safe and potentially hazardous links in search results as well as those found on social networking sites. It also includes a number of other benefits you might find useful:

  • Protect data from loss or theft like the Secure Erase file shredder,
  • Use Trend Micro Vault with remote lock to secure your important documents, and
  • Access a 10 GB Trend Micro SafeSync account to protect, access and share your files.

TMS also promises to deliver an easy-to-install process — across ALL your devices — and an easy to use interface, without annoying alerts and pop-ups that stop you from doing what you’re trying to do on your device. If it delivers on that promise, it’ll be a first. You have no idea how much competing products annoy me at work with their incessant popups about things I don’t care one iota about.

Ausdroid has a copy of Trend Micro Titanium Maximum Security — valued at $129.95 — to give away to one lucky reader. Tell us in the comments why you think it should be you, and we’ll pick the winner by Friday 14 September Sunday 16 September at 5pm (we extended the deadline).

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    Because I am a real duffus when it comes to knowing the threats I face when surfing the net. I have been hacked in the past. I would like to keep my new laptop few of the baddies

    James Silba

    As a child, it is becoming harder to be protected. By winning this security package, I can be safe from all the childhood stalkers that target kids. Children are the most vulnerable people in this world to be. We need to be protected. Otherwise we will vanish off the face of the earth


    In my 40+ years of life, I have been trying to win things and haven’t succeeded. Like many others, I’d like to win something, anything for once in my life. But then again, I suppose there are others who need it more than I do. So if I don’t win, I’ll understand. Thanks for considering me, though.


    I’ve never win anything and I need it 😀

    Darren Burns

    You should pick me. Why? Because racecar

    Josh Buckley

    After going through XDA and looking through lots of forums. I have found that there are heaps of threats to mobile devices (not saying the xda community makes and uses them. Just that they had a few threads on them) I would just want the package to see if it can really help protect my devices. Maybe a chance for trend micro to win back my business.

    Thanks @facebook-100000767072256:disqus, we’ve selected you as the winner. However, we don’t have your email, so please contact us at contact.net and we’ll fix you up. Cheers.

    Thanks guys! I am really thrilled. Sent you guys my email. Hope to hear from the team soon 🙂

    Chris (Deputy Editor)

    Hey @facebook-100000767072256:disqus, where’d you send it? Haven’t received an email as yet.

    Ben Lee

    I’m in the same boat as you Chris, never worried about anti-virus softwares for as many years as I can remember, but with a desktop, 3 android phones and tabs and a laptop in our house, who knows what security issues I’m opening myself up to with all these interconnected devices.


    I am really in it to try out trend on my android device. I hardly touch my laptop these days 😉 . So please pick me

    SYD Harry

    I am already using trail version of Trend Micro Titanium Maximum Securityn on Window 8 RT. it’s very fast (which I never expected) and provides superb secutiy to my PC. So if I win, I can use it on my One X and Xoom too.


    i should win the copy of trend micro secuirty beacause just once i would like win something that is the best secuirty i think out there


    I work in the IT dept of an enterprise environment with a BYOD policy.. enough said.