Amazon recently announced some awesome new Kindle devices, including the reasonably-priced 8.9″ Kindle Fire HD. If you recall though, Australia has once again been neglected by the online retailer, who will only sell us the boring standard Kindle, devoid of the Android goodness that comes on the higher models.

Not to fear though, Australian Business Traveller is reporting that will import them for us, although they have not announced a price yet. Considering that Amazon is selling the 16GB 8.9″ Kindle Fire HD in America for $299, I’d imagine the Australian pricing to be at least $100 more. Also to consider is that much of Amazon’s content, such as their application store, is region-locked to countries where the new devices are officially available. So unless you’re prepared to root your shiny new device and install the Play Store, the entire experience will be pretty bland indeed.

But if you are determined to own one, ReaderShop is planning on selling Amazon’s entire range of Kindle devices, and expects them to be available between 8 – 11 October. Included in your price will be a one-year local warranty, plus an ‘Australian accessories kit’, including Australian charger, spare USB cable and a DVD containing almost 30,000 free books.

Source: Australian Business Traveller.