If you’re an early-adopter (and a big of a tinkerer) and you’ve enabled Google Wallet for use in Australia, you’ll be disappointed to hear that the only way we have to use Wallet here — via the prepaid Google card option — is to be phased out, and what’s worse, you’ve only got a month left.

Google has advised that it plans to end the Prepaid Card Program, because it has enabled Wallet to work with all major debit and credit cards. By Google’s reasoning, the prepaid card service is now redundant. From September 17th, you will no longer be able to add funds to your existing Google Prepaid Card or add a new Prepaid Card to a new Google Wallet device. Come October 17th, the Google Prepaid Card will automatically be removed from the Google Wallet app

Unfortunately, now that the prepaid card service is ‘redundant’, and we Australians have no other way to use Wallet, the service is now virtually unusable in Australia, whether you can get the actual app to run on your handset or not.

If you are using Google Wallet, with some sort of work around to make it work with the prepaid card service, you’ve got a month left to enjoy the future, before we go back to reality. Welcome to Australia, third world (technologically, at least) country.

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Who want to use the mark of the beast anyways? The lesson here is never trust a large corporation like google or apple (that doesn’t have NFC in Iphone 5) that is essentially (like it or not) US centric


When I try to add the prepaid card I get an error. “Verifying your account with Money Network”

Using an S III.


Same here, same phone.


Chris, I also received that email. I found this bit interesting: Your Google Prepaid Card has new terms and conditions Previously, you were charged a $2.00 monthly maintenance fee after 180 days without any transactions. Now, you will be charged this fee after 30 days without any transactions. This fee is automatically deducted from your Google Prepaid Card balance. However, you won’t be charged any fees as long as you spend your balance before October 17, 2012. You can view the new terms and conditions here. So if you’re like me, and your Google Wallet is borked, and you cannot… Read more »


doesn’t the citibank card work in australia? I was thinking of setting up a citibank account just to use google wallet.

Daniel Tyson

Only Credit Cards with a billing address in the USA works.