If it wasn’t enough bringing you one cheap handset — the Telstra Prepaid Uno from Coles for $44.50 — then we’ve got another one for you, thanks to another great tip from Jeff.

The HTC Cha Cha – which we’ve previously reviewed — has slightly better specs than Telstra’s Uno, but it’s still affordable technology that you can go out and own tomorrow and still have money for lunch. The Cha Cha has the following for your consideration:

  • 800 MHz CPU, overclocked from 600MHz;
  • 5MP camera – with LED flash and 480p video – and a VGA front facing camera
  • 2.6″ screen with HVGA resolution
  • 512mb RAM
  • Wifi b/g/n
  • Bluetooth 3.0
  • HSPA on 850/2100 MHz, so it’ll work great on Telstra if you’re a fan (like us)

When we reviewed the Cha Cha, Buzz loved it. That should be all you need — if you’re after a new cheap handset, go get this one. Note that Jeff advises:

The stores will generally honour their online pricing, however an employee informed me they don’t have to so might be better for people to call stores ahead of time and enquire on pricing and stock, if they don’t wish to order online.

It’s available in store and online at EB Games.

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Michael Lange

Just bought 2 of these on the weekend. Excellent phone but be wary of the limited phone storage and the screen size is not good for extended use. You cant install many extra apps and there are many apps that cant be moved to the sdcard so freeing up phone storage space can be an issue. Was reduced to $56 in store and did the unlock through Vodaphone website. On the plus side If you are looking for a basic smartphone for notifications and has GPS you cant beat this!

Greg Bell

I think one of these would make a good starter smart phone for my mum since it’s cheap and has a physical QWERTY keyboard. The website now says only available in store, and the stores I contacted didn’t have any. I called one and they said they did, but when I got there they had the HTC ChaCha but locked to Red Bull Mobile for $56. The website says that they can’t find any stores with stock available. The guy in store called their support people who said that no stores have received them yet, though I’m not sure if… Read more »

Greg Bell

So, update: I called EB customer service and I was told that they have shipments going out to various stores, but that none of them have confirmed receipt yet and she couldn’t yet see which ones. She said to either contact stores or to call customer service back on Monday when they can check which stores have received them. I was also told by someone at one of the EB stores I spoke to that the Red Bull one could be unlocked for free, but I called Red Bull and they said it is $100 in the first 6 months… Read more »


This isn’t true. You can go to the Vodafone website and unlock it for free.

Greg Bell

Thanks for that. Someone at one of the EBs that I called said you could unlock online (but didn’t mention that it was the Vodafone site), but didn’t give any details. I looked at Red Bull’s site and couldn’t see anything about it, so it I called them and that’s what they told me.


I bought one when it was new (nearly 2 years ago) and it still goes pretty good. plus the battery life is good because of the smaller screen. I recommend this too.


Just placed my order for one! And this is why I love you guys at Ausdroid! Always get the latest news as soon as it comes out, i’ve been making a habbit of checking your website every morning!