Looks like Optus are throwing the 3G model of the Samsung Galaxy S III out and replacing it with the newer, better 4G version. We were able to view internal documents stating the demise of the 3G model — telling stores that current stock can be sold, but there’s no more to be ordered from Optus’ warehouses, instead they should swap a customer’s order to the 4G model.

“Please be advised that Samsung Galaxy S III 3G is no longer available to order from the warehouse.” – Optus

The Galaxy S III 4G will be shipped to stores after September 18th when pre-orders are fulfilled. So be sure to ask your local store about availability of either device depending on what you’re after — we don’t know why you’d want the 3G version, though.

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Here in Wagga we only have it in our main CBD street to me theres no point getting a 4G if all its going to be is being able to get 4G network


What about Virgin?

Peter Cupitt

You guys all sound like you live in cities or large regional centres at the very least! I live in the country where I don’t have 4G coverage 99% of the time and I would only get the chance to drain my battery quickly for an hour our two once a week when I visit the nearest big town with coverage. THAT is why I bought the 3G GS3. Cheers.


You can turn the LTE radio off. You’d still have 3G and a quad-core processor with the SGS3 4G. You get better battery life – at the expense of gaming performance – with the SGS3 3G so a good choice if that’s important to you.


actually, there aren’t any quad-core 4g phones at the moment. all the 4g phones are dual-core, so the advantage to getting the 3g variant is getting quad-core processing power…


Actually Samsung, back in July, released the quadcore LTE for non US market.
Check the Optus page, specs say 1.4Ghz Exynos Quad Core and it got 2GB RAM too.
Definitely the top phone at the moment.

Telstra is expected to follow next month.


Quad-core processing power is a bit misleading when each of those cores is the old Cortex A9 design, virtually identical to the ones in the Galaxy S2. The Krait core in the Qualcomm S4 is a new custom design heavily based on the Cortex A15. Each core is significantly more powerful and efficient than the ones in the Exynos 4. Aside from gaming, almost all of the stuff the average user does on a smartphone – most apps, navigating the OS, and browsing the web – are all faster on the dual-core Qualcomm S4.

Harry Johnson

wouldn’t the 4g have a S4 snapdragon processor


nope, the Aussie 4G version has the normal quad-core Exynos 4412. Haven’t looked into it but I know that Exynos is not compatible with LTE in America, must be due to the different frequencies used there I think

Josh Buckley

Other than the one released in korea. The Exynos just doesnt support lte.


Wrong, I have friends who work at Telstra and Optus, and there is NOT a 4g AND Quad-core version. You get one or the other…


what about people who only just picked up a 3g version last month. i guess no hope that they’d kindly offer to swap me 4g :p


agree, i just got mine on the 23rd of August… well, this sucks! aha

Adrian Mace

agree as well. 😐 Got mine fairly recently, but not as recently as you guys. Wish they’d tell us in advance.

Josh Buckley

What is the point? Optus 4G is only in a hand full of places… strange move

Buzz Moody

The 4G supports the same 3G bands, plus 4G. It’s a fairly smart move.


but no quad-core…