It’s been a leaky road to release for Jelly Bean on the Galaxy S III. A number of builds are out in the wild and at the Everything Everywhere (EE) 4G event in the UK yesterday Samsung reps were quoted as advising the update would be ready for release in October although with all software that could be subject to change.

This date of course would be a release to carriers for testing unless you have the unlocked international GSM version which would skip that phase of testing. Currently Vodafone and Telstra both list the status of the Jelly Bean update as waiting for submission from vendor, although I’m sure that Optus are waiting on exactly the same thing.

Of course if you are after a Galaxy S III running Jelly Bean you could always just jump onto the 4G variant that both Optus and Telstra will be selling which comes with the latest version of Android already installed but for those of you waiting for the update it’s good to see some sort of timeline. Anyone NOT excited for Jelly Bean on their SGS III?

Source: CNet UK.
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My phone runs awesome as it is. So I’m looking foward to the update for sure. But I’m not about to start whinging that I can’t get my hands on the latest update because I have to have it now, or else the world will end. If I was that concerned about this type of stuff I would have bought an iPhone. My Sandwich is still going strong and still smashing the iO5. So just chill out guys.

Jeff Dean

And what about Jelly Bean for the Samsung Galaxy Note Phone? What about Jelly Bean for the Motorola Xoom Tablet, it’s been on Xoom’s in the US for 6 months, just a joke Android, starting to regret.


Sure, the Telstra/Optus 4G version will have JB but how many updates after that will it receive? Short term gain, long term pain. Look at Telstra’s shoddy treatment of Galaxy Nexus updates. At least with the 3G version you can use custom/international ROMs, the 4G version that we will be getting is only sold in Korea so you’ll most likely be completely at the mercy of Telstra/Optus for updates. The SGS3 4G is a great phone but I’ll be waiting until November to see if a GSM+LTE Nexus is released.