LG & Qualcomm are inviting US Press to an event to be held on the 19th of September beginning at 8am. The event which invites attendees to ‘Live without boundaries’ is being hosted in co-operation with Qualcomm indicating that it could very possibly be to speak about and give hands on time to press for the recently announced Optimus G which will contain a Qualcomm provided Quad-Core Snapdragon S4 Pro CPU. The silhouette of the device in the invite also suggests that the phone being announced will be the Optimus G as well.

The PR invite :

LG and Qualcomm cordially invite you Live Without Boundaries. This exclusive event takes place on September 19 at [REDACTED], where you will receive a first-hand look at an upcoming LG smartphone. LG and Qualcomm executives will be on hand to show off the device and discuss how this partnership is taking both companies to new heights.

The event will be held on September 19th at 10PM AEST. I spoke with LG Australia who advised that they have not been advised of any local events at this stage, however knowing PR companies, this may change at any time in the next 5 days and we’ll be looking for a live stream of the event. Even with an 8MP Camera in the Australian version, the Optimus G with Quad-Core S4 Pro CPU has actually gotten me excited about an LG phone and the slogan indicates a bezel-less design so hopefully should be an intriguing event. What do you think?

Source: Android Police.
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Kieran Mayer

Damn, I just bought the Optimus 4x HD..