See that guy in the photo above? He’s blown away. Why? Optus 4G has gone live in Melbourne, that’s why. With the speeds we’ve seen on the Optus 4G network in Sydney, you’re about to be blown away Melbourne – look out!

Today’s launch in Melbourne follows Optus’ initial switch on of 4G in April in the Greater Newcastle region, as well as turning on 4G in Sydney and Perth earlier this month. To bolster its existing 3G network, Optus has also rolled out a large scale 3G enhancement programme across more than 700 mobile sites in metropolitan Melbourne.

Said Günther Ottendorfer, Managing Director of Networks at Optus:

“We are excited about the launch of Optus 4G and the expansion of our 3G enhancement programme across Melbourne. Our customers have told us what matters most to them, and we have listened to their feedback to deliver a mobile network that will provide quicker data speeds, better call quality and improved in-building coverage in more areas – so they can stay in touch and do more.”

The Optus 4G network has the largest 4G footprint in the Melbourne metropolitan area, stretching approximately 10km from the CBD – from Mt Waverly in the east to St Albans in the west, and from Hampton in the south to Campbellfield in the north. Telstra’s 4G footprint is similar, though not exactly the same, so you really should check out the coverage maps to determine which network offers you the best 4G coverage. Telstra’s is here, and Optus’ is here.

If you’re interested in experiencing Optus 4G on a new handset, check out the 4G variant of the Samsung Galaxy S III. Optus’ product page for the 4G variant of this veritable beast of a handset is over here. It’ll be available from week after next.

Will you be making the jump to Optus 4G? Let us know in the comments.



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When we get 4G coverage in Briss n Ipswich I will upgrade my S3 to the 4G model

Ian Tester

Wow, Telstra has LTE here in Bathurst already. And Optus… doesn’t. I wonder how fast Vodafone will roll out their “4G”.