If you haven’t heard of Snapseed (I must admit, I hadn’t), its a photo editing app for iOS packed full of powerful tools allowing you to capture, enhance, edit, email and share your photos via social networks. It’s kind of like Instagram but a whole lot more powerful.

While it started out on iOS, Snapseed was to Android after January 2012. Unfortunately, it was never launched on the Play store. Despite this, Google has taken the steps to acquire Nik Software, the developer of Snapseed.

It’s unsurprising, in that it gives Google access to a powerful photo editing application that could — quite soon — be integrated tightly into the Android experience. The UI is very finger-friendly, meaning it would be a great addition to the Camera / Gallery combination in stock Android.

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this is horrible news. Google should have nothing to do with a professional post-processing developer like Nik. Anybody who has used silver Efex pro would agree that Nik are well ahead of the curve – a google takeover will spell the end of innovation from Nik and ultimately photographers will suffer. I couldn’t care less about crummy new features being added to android’s broken OS. Nik make software for photographers


It would be especially nice if they add the ability to post to G+. That’s the one limitation to Instagram I’d like to see.