I think the only reason we’ve stuck with this story is it was interesting to begin with, and now it just keeps on coming. We could go over all the “mysterious HTC device” posts we’ve done, but you can see a bit of a chronology here if you’re interested. The latest was yesterday, with an inside source seemingly confirming that the device was real, and it is coming.

Well, today’s update is just could have been a little more official. As you can see in the article image, what appears to be an official press shot of a device called the HTC One X 5 has been unearthed. It certainly looks pretty official, but that’s easy to achieve with Photoshop these days.

Update: And that’s precisely what has occurred here. The image is a fake, a design concept posted to Flickr by Danny Tu. Sorry folks, you’ll have to wait a bit longer for this one.

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Old Mate

Why do you lot keep reporting this bullshit

Perhaps you could stick to news for a change?


*laughs at the troll*