Look, I’ll say this right up front — you don’t really need a reason to like Android. However, if you’re looking for one, just one, then here’s a big one. You used to be able to access Google Maps via a native app on iOS. As of iOS 6, you can’t. The replacement — made by Apple — by many accounts, including those with a close relationship with Apple, is rubbish.

Even Waze CEO’s Noam Bardin offered little praise for iOS’ new mapping solution, saying:

“Apple went out and partnered with the weakest player,” he said. “They’re now coming out with the lowest, weakest data set and they’re competing against Google, which has the highest data set. What’s going to happen with the Apple maps, is that you’re literally not going to find things. When you do find them, they might be in the wrong place or position geographically. And if you do have it, the route to it may not be the optimal route.”

Waze provides mapping data for Apple to use in its Maps product, together with Tom Tom, though the implication from Waze is that it’s mostly Tom Tom data. Whether this criticism is isolated to the USA remains to be seen, but from first hand experience, I can tell you that Apple Maps on iOS 6 is rubbish — you can’t find local businesses, or if you can, they’re in the wrong place, or the listings are woefully outdated.

If you use Apple devices — as some of us do for work phones — then your devices will get a bit less useful than they already are with iOS 6. One can only hope that Google releases a Maps app for iOS soon, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t.

Source: BGR.
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I have no doubt that Google will release a Maps app for iOS. They released a YouTube app after all. What Apple has done will actually benefit iOS users, as the apps will get updated more frequently.


Yes, but it will probably be like the situation with third-party browsers and you won’t be able to change the default mapping application.

Benjamin Booth

I had a feeling this would be the case, just like the only useful feature of Siri was providing local business information via voice commands, but it was useless here in Australia, most people I know have Siri turned off. I’ve been telling all my iOS friends and family that their new iOS6 maps will be unreliable for a long time, I think 3-5 years before they will be where Google are at now, but where will Google Maps be by then? Australia-wide public transport, walking maps/directions of all the national parks, 3D maps of most cities, who knows what… Read more »

Ben Danyi

#1 Apple’s Maps look WAY nicer, easier to use and are much faster. #2 It’s only the start I am sure Apple have a lot more plans with their own map service. #3 Google is going to release their own map iOS app anyway for those who want silly things like Street View we all hardly ever ever use. PLUS Apple maps has turn-by-turn directions. So many things Apple can do with their own maps without being tied to Google I have used iOS maps for months now (with the BETA) I have had no trouble finding anything at all.… Read more »


I use streetview all the time. If you live anywhere outside of the sticks, you will find streetview handy to finding precisely where to go. But you definitely sound like a fanboy…so what you’ve written is null and void.


#1 what is the point of having a pretty map if it presents less data? Sure it looks clean but how can you tell the difference between a major road and a back street when they are represented by the same colour and thickness. #2 It’s only a start, why would I want to replace a fully fledged map platform with a start? #3 Street view is actually quite useful for turn by turn navigation, especially when you’re driving to a city you’ve never been too during peak hour and you have no idea what your destination looks like. ‘you’re… Read more »

Chris (Deputy Editor)

I’m glad you’ve found it useful @facebook-527183530:disqus, but my experience has been vastly different. Google Maps on Android is a far better product than Apple Maps, though to be fair, Apple Maps is brand new, and Google Maps is well established. I agree with the comments of others – Street View is very helpful in my line of work. As for the question of speed, I have to say I find Google Maps (on iOS OR Android) to be much faster…


Of course they will release an app…why would you say that you would be surprised if they didn’t? Google isn’t bias, they will release it like they have with all their products.


Agreed, there is no way google won’t release maps as a separate app.


Maybe I’m being short sighted, but what benefit to Google would there be by providing a Google Maps app for the iOS? Wouldn’t that strengthen the competition to Android?

When Google Maps came shipped with iOS, I recall they received a fee for the pre-installed Maps application but now they would not, unless they charged the customer for the app on iTunes.


Google is an advertising company. They don’t make hardware or sell Android. Their main avenue of income is advertising. If more people use maps to search for stuff, they have more businesses sign up with them. So its all about market share and being the biggest player in market. So yes, there is a benefit for Google if ios users use google maps.

Chris (Deputy Editor)

Because Google Maps has advertising in it, and businesses can pay to have their results in there. I.e. it makes money.

Chris (Deputy Editor)

Maps via Safari is nothing compared to the native app. It’s virtually useless.

Carl Draper

Ah but Apple will probably find a way to make that suck too, like how they make any other browser suck on iOS because they can’t be native and quicker than Safari


I think you’ll find that just Apple suck. Which is why we are on this site. They do it all wrong.