If you own one of the earlier Samsung tablets, the Galaxy Tab 10.1, then you’ll be happy to hear that the long-awaited Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) update is just around the corner.

While Vodafone has announced via its blog that the ICS update has been approved by Vodafone and will be released by Samsung “soon”, Ausdroid tipster Calum has advised that his Galaxy Tab 10.1 (albeit, not an Australian-sourced model) has received the update to ICS already. This certainly bodes well for the owners of the carrier-released Galaxy Tab 10.1s who are anxiously awaiting their updates too.

In other news from Vodafone, further devices are to receive the ICS update soon with Vodafone announcing that the Sony Xperia S ICS update has also been approved by the carrier.

Source: Vodafone Blog.
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i cant download ICS, tried using Keis and it says “cannot upload using Keis” it wont upload direct from the download using wifi? Samsung customer service says I needs to go to a service centre?? My carrier is Vodafone. Can anyone help?


I’m downloading on the new ICS OS. Yippie!


Still waiting for my delichious wifi only ice cream sandwich in brisbane..


My mate bought a galaxy tab 10.1 wifi in Bangkok a couple off weeks ago. It was having all sorts of issues so he brought it round to me. It had shipped with honeycomb 3.0. My Australian bought one had been updated to 3.2 a while ago so I figured an update might help his one. Lo and behold by the time it had performed 3 updates in the one process, his ended up showing Android version 4.0. I tried my update process again… no dice. Sucks to help someone end up with a more up to date product than… Read more »


I have a Galaxy Tab 7.7 I bought off Kogans and I’m still waiting for my update to ICS. Anyone know when Samsung will get around to that. Hmmmm should have bought a Nexus 7.


I have had ICS for the 7.7 since about April. It all depends on your device region. Your best bet is to go to SAMMOBILE.COM and flash a european (Austria) or HongKong firmware and then you will get any updates when they do (? JB). Just remember to change the CSC code so it matches the firmware flash to allow future automatic updates. Check out XDA for instructions how to change CSC – you may need to use AnyCut.apk which allows you to create an icon that can link to the region menu to change it. No rooting needed.

Next Level Don

ICS on the international version was released by Samsung almost 2 months ago. I even sent you a tip about it when I received it then. It is remarkably faster than honeycomb although the touchwiz interface is pretty horrible. I will be forking out the $10 for the Chameleon launcher for tablets ASAP.


What about the 7.7…. and all the other Samsung devices that were said to be getting ICS well and truely by now!


7,7 is out now, I am using it. Check samfirmware. the Egypt devices from Kogan have not received an update yet but there are plenty of other ones. It is a huge improvement but still buggy with crashes etc. Better than HC though.

Carl Draper

I’m waiting for Motorola to release the Atrix 4G ICS update, which they promised to be in the 3rd quarter, which i think is nearly over.