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Samsung is set to continue their line of advertising poking fun at Apple users and the iPhone 5 in the US at least with a new 90 second commercial set to air during The Voice and XFactor. The commercial shows Apple users waiting in line and seeing Galaxy S III owners showing off things like the NFC based S-Beam to share play lists and instant photo sharing, it also shows a Galaxy S III owner saving a place in line for his parents. Check out the video and let us know what you think.

The Next Big Thing is Already Here — Samsung Galaxy S III

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the ad is really great… really great considering some of the content is only from reactions since the launch, but they could have been done post and inserted into a slightly older product.

great shocked looks when they guys realise that “mums and dads” consider lining up


I like the ad. I am thinking it will annoy the crap out of all the Crapple fanbois. Love it.


It is, go have a look at Gizmodo, their “reporters” said it was really bad and went on about how Samsung must be desperate to get those people who line up.
Amazing how the fanboys can see the iPhone is nothing special any more but refuse to accept it.
Samsung does not need the people who line up, they need all the sane rational people who can see it and say, yeah Apple = Dull and think for themselves.

well done Samsung.