At E3 Sony announced they would re-brand their Playstation Suite to Playstation Mobile, since then they have certified devices from Asus and HTCs One series as well as their own Xperia lineup. Pocketgamer are reporting that Sony will be launching the Playstation Mobile shop in Australia, Japan, the US, Canada, the UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain on October 3rd to those devices that are certified.

30 games will be available at launch, costing between ¥50-¥850 Yen ($0.60 – $10.35AUD), although they haven’t named any titles for the launch they have previously advised that titles such as Aqua Kitty, Flick Hockey, Frederic – Resurrection of Music, Panic, Passing Time, Samurai Beatdown, Slidinbeats, Super Crate Box, Tipper, Tractor Trails, and Twist Pilot will be launching at some stage during 2012. Given the time of year that the Playstation Mobile store will launch it’s probably a safe bet that these titles will appear when the shop goes live.

Sony will have a Playstation Mobile SDK available to developers interested in developing for the shop available for a yearly fee of $99.99 beginning in November so any devs out there looking to get on-board distributing games for Playstation Mobile certified devices which includes the PS Vita can try their hand. Big question is does Playstation Mobile certification play any part in your decision to purchase a particular phone?

Source: PocketGamer.