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Weight Watchers Australia has finally released their long awaited Android App. The app which has been in development for a fairly long time has finally hit the Google Play store albeit in what they are describing as a Beta format.

The Beta component of the release sees Weight Watchers encouraging their users to install the app and report all feedback by emailing the following template to [email protected] :

Dear Weight Watchers,
I have been testing the Android app and have found the following on my phone:
Phone model:
Android version:

So far in my initial use of the app there has been no crashes so far, but it’s only been on the phone for a couple of hours.

The app has a fair stack of features listed in the description in the Play store which is split into features which are available to everyone who downloads the app such as :

  • See a new Featured Recipe daily, and save 10 favourites
  • Create shopping lists from recipes
  • Make smarter food choices with interactive Cheat Sheets
  • Get inspired by Success Stories, find tips and helpful articles
  • Find a Weight Watchers meeting in your area
  • Connect with your Community friends, update your profile and upload photos (free registration required)

Then there are the features which are only available to subscribers to Weight Watchers Online or eTools who get access to features included with their subscription such as :

  • Track ProPoints values for food and activity
  • Calculate ProPoints values
  • Search over 31,000 food options, meals and recipes
  • Track your weight and see your progress in an interactive chart
  • Track your daily recommended Healthy Checks
  • See your daily remaining ProPoints values with notifications
  • Quickly track from your Favourites and Recently Added Items
  • Add a food, recipe or meal to Favourites
  • Unlock all our interactive Cheat Sheets to make smarter food choices

Not bad for a free app but it certainly does encourage you to go sign up to Weight Watchers to get the extra features but it’s worth having a look at purely for some of their recipes which quite frankly are delicious.

The app is compatible with Android 2.2 and upwards including Ice Cream Sandwich, although it’s not compatible with devices running Android 3.0. It’s a relatively small initial download at 11MB however you are advised to have at least 60MB free space as it requires 17mb of internal storage space initially and an additional 30mb to store the food database. So far the ratings in the Play store appear promising but it’s only been on the market for a couple of days.

Source: Google PlayWeight Watchers Facebook.