If you’ve seen some of our posts you’ll have seen some of the cute little vinyl Android figures that accompany some of the pics in the reviews. We get them from the creator Andrew Bell who in co-operation with other artists designs them and sells them via his website and after 2 successful series he’s about to start selling series 3.

Over the last couple of weeks he has shown off a few of the different droids that will be part of series 3 and he has announced they will go on-sale on Monday 24th of September at 11am EST, this of course equates to Tuesday Morning at 1am AEST with shipments starting on the 26th of September. You can attempt to purchase some but be warned the servers nearly always crash so it’s a bit of a hit and miss affair. If you are looking to grab some I would recommend checking the store out early and registering to avoid issues at the time of the sale.

Each figure costs $7.50USD + shipping on top, with each order of 16 equating a ‘case’. Be sure to check out the other Android merchandise he has in his store such as rugs, stickers and Ice Cube trays as well including the familiar green Android figure which is generally available at all times.

For a good view of the previewed droids so far click and drag on the images below to see a 360 view (requires javascript). Click on the name to be taken to the DyzPlastic blog post for each droid and find out a bit about who created it and the rarity of it. You can also follow the creator on Twitter for further announcements :
8-Ball Hustler :

Escape Ape :

Nexus :

Barista Bot :

Intergalactic :

Cry-On :
This one is based on a Spray Can and has a ball bearing included inside, check out the video :

Part 7 Clear and Red :

Professor Skully McRivethead :

Pandroid :

Sir Knightly Bild and Whoogle the Owl :