If you believe the advertising that ‘The Burgers are Better at Hungry Jacks’ then there’s some good news, Hungry Jacks has just announced via Twitter that their Shake and Win Android App is now available from the Google Play store after having been out on iOS for a fair while now.

The app is fairly basic but offers you a Store locator, Full Hungry Jack’s menu, Nutrition calculator and access to the Shake and Win promotion. The Shake and Win promotion requires a Facebook account and also that you be within 1KM of a Hungry Jacks location, this will then allow you to check in and possibly win free food, discounts or 2 for 1 deals. Available for Android 2.2 and up the download is a relatively small 16MB in size, jump on into it and check it out.

Source: Hungry Jacks Twitter.
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    Greg McPherson

    Anyone got a free burger out of it yet?

    Martin Dolan

    It was interesting to know they have an app for Android. I used to eat at Hungry Jacks/Burger King heaps before I became vegetarian as it tasted so much better than the McDonalds offering.
    A little grammar correction in the article. You left off the sarcasm mark required after the phrase “… reatively small 16mb in size”

    Also, @the king,
    Hey I dig HJ’s too, but it’s hardly the topic to bring up out of the blue and uninvited in polite conversation is it? Please keep your personal life to yourself.



    It’s been avalible since the 17th. If I knew this would of been news I would of submitted it. 😛

    the king

    I dig HJ’s and I thank Ausdroid for letting me know about this one! Keep up the good work guys!

    Ed Love

    This is blatant advertising. Have you got nothing better to do, or are you paid to do this?

    Daniel Tyson

    Err, What? I am not paid by Hungry Jacks and I have better stuff to do but some people are interested when apps come out. How is this blatant advertising, if McDonalds would like to put an app out I’ll post about it as well.


    I still find it relevant. Interesting to track the progress of Android apps vs. iOS particularly for big consumer brands like Hungry Jacks.

    Chris (Deputy Editor)

    Thanks Ed, but when (and I stress, /when/ we do a sponsored post, because it’s a very, very rare event) we make it abundantly clear that it’s a sponsored post.

    This isn’t, and we wouldn’t likely accept it if it were. As Daniel says, some people are actually interested in app news like this.