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We have received some information that suggests Telstra will be launching the Samsung Galaxy S III 4G on October 9th. That’s a good week and a half away, and a Tuesday, which is when Telstra usually launches new devices.

The date is yet to be confirmed publicly by Telstra, and they are also yet to announce what their pricing options will be. There are expected to be two colours at launch, both being 16GB models.

We believe that Telstra will play the same card as Optus in removing the 3G Galaxy S III from their line up, completely replacing it with the 4G variant instead. We’ll let you know when more has been confirmed, but for now: will you be purchasing one?

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If people don’t want to be forced to pay for premium 4G, they can always import an S3 3G from the UK. I think sometimes the carriers forget we have options.


actually available today


just got an email from telstra to say it is available now (1pm Fri 28/9)


Just got an email from Telstra-the Samsung Galaxy s3 4g is now available on their website..comes with 16gb and on $80 plan giving 1.5gb data per month.delivery 5-9 days.


16 GB is not enough on board memory for me. Keen as to have this phone but will have to wait for the 32 or 64 gb to be released. Some of my music apps wont let you store downloaded music on the microsd card


Looks like it’s available already..



Carsten Bauer

Yay, looking forward to it… I’m holding off upgrading to the SGS3 until the 4g model comes out. Twice the ram, and more bandwidth… within the CBD lol… I hear Perth has 2 4g towers now…


i can’t wait..been hanging out for this phone for so long.i9300 4g has all i want in a mobile atm.

Matt Booth

I’m tempted! But waiting to hear more about the Nexus which is definitely my preferred device. The i9305 has been rooted which makes it more attractive: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1906351


I’m tempted as well.. looking to upgrade my trusty SGS2 for some 4G goodness but not sure if I should wait for the next Nexus or not?

Any ideas when the specs for this will be released or a release date? I’m thinking next month will hear something about the specs, etc and then in November a possible release.