A few days ago we reported on the news that the Asus Transformer Prime had started receiving a Jelly Bean update in Sweden. Word has now reached us that the Jelly Bean update is now being rolled out to the Asus Transformer Prime in Australia.

We received the heads up from froggyperson, who is currently installing the update to Google’s latest flavour of Android. There are also a few reports over at Whirlpool of users managing to successfully install the update.

If you are using an Australian model, go to Settings > Check for Update and see if the update is available to you. Let us know in the comments below of you have any success, and how the latest update runs on your Prime.

Thanks: froggyperson.
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Mine still hasn’t come down OTA, I have downloaded the file but ive done a bit of reseach and a lot of people are having issues installing it and bricking the device. This an issue with the update or more user error??. Will it be available OTA eventually??


I’m having no luck at all.
I’ve tried all the suggestions, clearing CMclient, DMclient and cold boots
And always telling me no update is available

Might just wait until the file is available on Asus support site


i have a rooted and unlocked prime, will OTA update still work?


TF 201 installing … what a pleasant surprise this is. Good job Asus.

Daryl Hall

Downloaded and updated fine, Great work by Asus to get this out earlier than most. Working really well at this point.


I assume this is NOT for the TF201?


It IS for the TF201… Hence “Prime” 🙂

Wolf Cocklin

aghghghghg again… hung at 95% so close and yet so far


Mine just finished downloading and now installing, so hang in there


it works pretty well, ICS on the prime was horrendous for me, laggy and force closes everywhere, now its a lot smoother but a rare lag here and there. google now is very responsive, speedy and accurate. now to side load flash 🙂


If you get the no update available, try this. Go to settings- apps- all- DMClient- clicked clear cache AND force stop…restarted the tablet and check system update again and you should be right. Worked for me


Gave this a whirl but no joy, suspect the ASUS Repair Centre has done something whilst they had my Prime recently 🙁 off to do more research on other methods, phooey!


wonder if that is why mine says no update available as well 🙁 tried resetting DM client and it didn’t work either.

Wolf Cocklin

ahghghg…. it keeps saying failed to download file try again…. but I want it now I tell you… now

David Watt

No doubt everyone’s trying to get it at the same time. Keep trying and it should come through eventually.


Yep, I tried about 3 times and then it started, but hung at 77% damit