It turns out that the Samsung Galaxy S III 4G from Telstra might be arriving a little earlier than we thought. Telstra have launched the online store page for the Galaxy S III 4G, however, delivery is expected within the next 5-9 days — by then it will be available in stores around that October 9th date we reported yesterday.

Pricing for the Galaxy S III 4G on Telstra will start at $66/mo, or you can get it for $0 on their $80/mo plan which includes 1.5GB of mobile data (including 4G). It will be the first Samsung device to launch on Telstra to run Android 4.1, the latest and greatest version. Specs are very similar to its 3G brother, except for more RAM, a larger battery, and, of course, a 4G modem.

Will you be grabbing one of these from Telstra?

Source: Telstra.
Thanks: Everyone who sent this in!.
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Battery life is horrible on 4g !

Alistair Harding

I ordered mine 20 minutes after getting the email!

Daniel Young

Yes, my mind is made up – at last.

Nick Fletcher

GSM arena seems to think the battery is the same?

Where did you get the battery info from?

Also I seem to remember on the HTC Velocity the 4G wasn’t “on chip” or something, so because of this the battery life was terrible (which I can confirm), but with the HTC OneXL it is on chip so the battery life is better. Do you know if the SGS3 4G is on or off chip LTE ?


I just don’t want to be boned on accessories (bigger battery etc) like I was on the SII 4G.


Well it comes with Jellybean out of the box, so not a bad option. How much worse is it over stock JB though?

Geoff Fieldew

I must admit, I’ve been tempted to buy one outright since smashing my Galaxy Nexus screen. Trying to hold out for a 4G Nexus but there is no word yet.

Matt Booth

If it was possible to add LTE to my Galaxy Nexus I’d be happy! As tempted as I am by the SGS 3 4G I will wait and see what the Nexus line brings. If the Nexus doesnt support Australian 4G then this is my second option. It will be much cheaper by that stage too. I never realised how poor value contracts are! $80 for 1.5GB for 2 years, no thanks! Telstra Prepaid for Life, 3.8GB for $50

Geoff Fieldew

Yeah, these plans are such a rip off. Have you visited the Samsung store recently Matt? I hear they have the GS3 4G in stock. Not sure on price though.


Missing the big picture here. It’s not $80 for 1.5GB. It’s $80 for 1.5GB, $800 worth of calls/MMS, unlimited texts AND a 4G SGS III.

Matt Booth

Is 1.5gb enough data for the average person? It’s not enough for me, not when I’m getting 3.8gb on prepaid. To get another 1gb per month costs an extra $15, taking the price to $95 per month for 2.5gb.. May as well get the $100 contract for 3gb. But then at $100 a month you’re effectively paying $50×24 premium just for the phone, cheaper to buy outright than pay $1200 via contract. But hey, if 1.5gb is enough data for 2 years on 4G for the average person then go for it