Monday , August 20 2018

The latest Android Platform Version statistics were released today, and they show that Android 4.x (Ice Cream Sandwich & Jelly Bean) are now running on just over 25% of all devices accessing Google Play. Gingerbread is still a big player at 55%, however, it is slowly beginning to lose share, which is surely a win for developers.

With Android 4.1 updates expected to hit massive players such as the Galaxy S III and Galaxy S II in the coming months, Jelly Bean’s slice of the Android pie will increase. It will even get a slight bump from the next Nexus device when it expected to launch later this year.

Source: Android.

Buzz Moody  

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Ian Tester
Valued Guest

I wonder how many of those GB phones are Motorolas…

Valued Guest

its always hard with these updates not just to get them out but to get people to update their phones. i know many people that are still on 2.1 when they could be on 2.3 or on 2.3 when there is a 4.0 update but they never use the comp software so dont know

Ian Tester
Valued Guest

All of the Android phones I’ve seen and/or used can update themselves using the OTA mechanism. They’re not iPhones that need iTunes!

Valued Guest

Plenty of android phones dont do OTA updates. Even still that doesnt mean people will update. A friend of mine wont update his sony xperia because he will lose most of his data in the process (even the backup says it wont keep everything)

Still a massive issue that the majority is no where near using 4.0+

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