A couple of weeks ago, I wrote that Jetpack Joyride, a rad game from Australian developers Halfbrick Studios had been released for Android, but was not yet available on the Play Store. Well, good news readers: it is now available for you to download. And for free!

The game is apparently quite popular; it’s logged over 500,000 downloads in the last week, and if that isn’t enough, it comes with a personal recommendation from me for its awesome cartoony graphics and quirky gameplay. If you want some clean, wholesome, scientist-killing fun on your phone or tablet, head on over to the Play Store.


Source: Google Play.
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    A bit low res on Galaxy S3, but I can put up with it 🙂 Hopefully a HD version gets released.

    Alex Baldwin

    That’s actually its graphical style; using the old 16-bit manually animated sprites like the old 2D Mario and Sonic games (instead of the smoothed and computer-generated tweening games like Rayman: Jungle Run use).

    Looks identical even on the 3rd gen iPad. I quite like it!