It’s been pretty well accepted but not confirmed that Google is working with multiple manufacturers to bring about a range of Nexus Phones for their next release, now Digitimes is reporting leaks from industry sources who have advised that Google is currently working with ‘Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, Sony Mobile Communications and HTC’. The report marries closely with the story from the Wall Street Journal they released in May which stated that Google was planning to release up to 5 Nexus Devices from different manufacturers.

The other part that Digitimes is reporting is that Google will allow manufacturers to set hardware specifications themselves which would bring a number of headaches for Google who would be better of maintaining a tight control over minimum hardware requirements to ensure that the devices would be ready for at least one further OS upgrade down the track as access to the latest version of Android has been the major advantage of the Nexus program so far.

Working with multiple manufacturers for Nexus devices also offers the headache of co-ordinating all of the manufacturers to be ready to launch their devices at a single event, unless we see something similar to the rollout of Windows Phone 8 devices with announcements of the hardware but no software announcements till a later date.

Missing from the list is of course the elephant in the room : Motorola. I secretly love Motorola hardware but I haven’t seen anything from them recently to sway my decision to stick with the Nexus line for my phones, so their absence from the list of vendors making Nexus phones is disappointing yet understandable to me due to concerns that members of the Open Handset Alliance must have regarding Google including their newly purchased hardware manufacturer into the Nexus program so quickly

I really don’t know if I am sold on the viability of multiple Nexus devices with things such as minimum hardware requirements and launch logistics being my main concerns. However the possibility of getting stock Android on a choice of hardware seems particularly pleasing to not just me but to most people I have spoken to. Well, over to you guys is the continued multiple Nexus rumour credible or are we going to see the usual single reference device release?

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Alex Baldwin

I would LOVE each major Android manufacturer to release a single Google-approved ‘Nexus’ version of their flagship device each year. They could happily co-exist with the non-Nexus devices, so along with the HTC One X, LG Optimus G, Galaxy S III, RAZR, etc so it would simply be the consumer’s choice whether they would like the style / features of Touchwiz, Sense, etc or the purity and immediate version upgrades of the Nexus version of that device. That way it would be equal for all approved Android manufacturers, and ‘Nexus’ wouldn’t just indicate a single device each year but be… Read more »

Martin Dolan

Oh crap… I was hanging out for a HTC nexus device, but I just realised from reading this that it will probably be s-on. If they are given that much leeway with the hardware, they will lock it in sure. I really wanted a nexus version of the one X that was s-off. Looks like I might have to convert to Samsung’s plastic fantastic phones. I really want to stick with HTC, I love everything about their phones, apart from the f-ING locked bootloader rubbish. The last 6 months of a locked One X (two of which its been in… Read more »


Sony Nexus would be a definite buy for me

vijay alapati

So no nexus from Motorola? ???? What’s the point of Google buying it… nexus… ics for atrix….FTW

Greg McPherson

Does this mesh with the “Customization Center” rumour?
Where 4.2 will allow better skinning, so you can make a Nexus but with your own UI.
Thus we get many Semi-Nexii.

Which is really just facing up to the reality that the Manufacturers will Skin. So Google has to bend to that and make it happen in a more compatible way instead of forcing them to Fork.

David Anderton

i hope not


I’m pumped for the idea for a HTC Nexus One X!


As Chinese, I will refuse Japanese product definitely. I probably will choose HTC Nexus phone.


That’s a rather silly comment. When is China and Japan going to grow up. Get over it already.


HTC is Taiwanese. You silly fool.

Dylan Xavier

?You like Motorola? you must like locked bootloaders with no future prospects of upgrades. Motorola has so far been the biggest disappointment to android from upgrade and hackability perspective


Go back and read it again. He secretly likes Motorola HARDWARE, but hasn’t been able to justify choosing one over a nexus.

I personally think moto make heinous looking devices, but each to their own.

Dave Mac

Agreed up until very recently. Have you seen the Razr HD? That’s one nice looking and feeling phone! Also, a surprisingly vanilla Android OS too.

Dave Mac

Meant to say “Close to vanilla” there…

Nick Bryant

A Nexus version of the upcoming HTC Desire X would be great. A good option for those wanting a smaller Nexus phone.


I reckon it’d be damn cool if there was a set of Nexus devices to come out next that had identical specs (to a degree), but each manufacturer got to put their own take on styling and a few other features. Maybe, for example, they all had a 1.5ghz+ quad core (all the same chip), 2gb RAM, 32gb ROM, same GPU if not integrated into CPU, same cameras, etc, but form factor was completely up to the manufacturer. Technically they’d be the same to make it easier for compatibility testing, just the style would be differing.

Andrew Palozzo

I would be shocked if there are multiple nexus devices all running different socs & HW… It would definitely devalue the nexus brand especially if it impacts updates….

That said. God how nice would a Sony Quad S4 nexus phone be. 🙂

Benjamin Booth

Yep, completely agree. I’m very worried about this whole multiple Nexus thing devaluing the Nexus brand, especially since I can almost guarantee it will delay future Android releases getting into our hands. Also would absolutely love a Sony quad S4 Nexus. My take on all this including the Customisation Centre other sites have been reporting the rumour of is that Google should be doing this multiple Nexus thing, but they’re not necessarily “Nexus” phones, they’re just all Google/Android experience phones where any manufacturer skins are scaled back and not so intertwined with the system so that the underlying Android OS… Read more »

James Pettigrove

How will it devalue the Nexus brand Andrew? Nexus has always been about having a stock Android experience. The hardware has been wildly different in every Nexus revision. I think you will find over the past months/year Google has been working towards ASOP being very modular; the customisation centre just being another example. All the OEMs have to do is test the shit out of their hardware/driver binaires and upload them to ASOP and make them available. No different to how we have a Galaxy Nexus from Samsung AND a Nexus 7 from ASUS concurrently I agree on the Sony… Read more »

Andrew N-w B

Whilst I would love a Sony nexis, it won’t be quad core as Sony said no quad till next year. There are rumors from ntdoccomo in Japan re the specs from Samsung and Sony for the nexusphones that point to dual core still just see xperia blog from a few months ago