Asus is one of those companies like Huawei which have name that can be pronounced a number of ways. Huawei released a video in the US a while back which told people how to pronounce their company name. Asus has just released a video on their YouTube channel which was taken from the floor of the EBExpo which is currently running in Sydney this weekend with a similar idea, in the video they ask people how they pronounce ‘Asus’ and hand out copies of Dirt Showdown to people who can pronounce their name correctly. Check out the video below and answer honestly, were you pronouncing it correctly?

Say Asus

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Ben Liu

According to Wikipedia and their website, the name comes from the word “Pegasus”. So, if you pronounce “PegAsus” without the “Peg”, then you would get it correctly apparently. Their Chinese name is much easier to pronounce though as “Hua Shi” or “Wah Shek” depending Mandarin/Cantonese.

Carsten Bauer

I pronounce is Ay-Suss (As in Hay Suss). A friend says A-soos, but he also says Line-x (Linux) and cash-ey (Cache)

Buzz Moody

“Aye-sus” – “Lin-ix” – “Kaysh”.


A-Suss for me..


So… A-Seuss like Dr Seuss or A-zeus…like the god?

Shane Mc Grath

A-suss for me always was and always will be, Sounds too weird saying A-soos.
Even Asian Aussie friends I know say A-suss,Also the computer shop I buy parts from say A-suss. heh
Don’t think it’s wrong either way, Same as people from overseas calling Melbourne(Mel-Burn) They say (Mel-Born),
Brisbane,Most that live in Aus will pronounce Bris-Ben, Bris-B’n or Bris-Bin,Not Bris-Baiiiine refer to movie Jaws! lol
Never ending, Castle usually pronounced Cass-ell here in Vic Where as the poms usually say it more with “R” in it Car-Sell.


All the Aussies i know say “A-suss”


Yeah I always said A-suss or A-zuss. Now days I say A-soos but I usually clarify afterwards that I mean Asus (A-suss).. 🙂