The announcement of the Samsung Galaxy Note II in late August got quite a few people I know excited and we’ve received many requests for information about when the phone/phablet/tweener will launch here in Australia on one of the 4G Networks here in Australia. From Mobicity and Kogan the 3G only version is available as low as $649 from Kogan but the 4G LTE version eluded us.

Well, we’ve just had a tip from someone regarding the LTE version of the Samsung Galaxy Note II. They’ve advised that Optus has already tested the phone on their LTE network and are hoping to possibly launch in December, it may be an Optus exclusive at launch but nothing is confirmed at this stage. No word on pricing/plans or anything at this stage but this would make an excellent Christmas present for some people I know.

Samsung certainly improved the specs on the Note II offering a slightly larger non-pentile 5.5″HD screen with improved touch response, they also upgraded CPU to a Quad-Core 1.6GHz CPU and added 2GB of RAM but it’s the 4G LTE radio that has been the feature most people so far have asked for, so are you excited for a 4G LTE Galaxy Note II on Optus?

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Seriously, what are they testing for? The Galaxy S3 is LTE and works on their network. Don’t now why it takes longer for us to get the Galaxy Note 2 that’s already in Hong Kong. i want it so bad!!!!!


I have been patiently waiting for months for this phone. December is a long way off still…..COME ON ….what is the matter with the company

joei joe joe

hells yea!


Yes, I’m excited by the Note II. I was looking forward to the Nokia 920. It is a toss up for me between the two phones. I love the camera on the Nokia 920 but I love the s pen and the ability to take notes on the Note II. I love the Windows 8 idea and having all my Microsoft Office and Outlook compatible to my pc. Not sure how compatible the Android system will be. I don’t have a smartphone right now so this will be my first foray into the new age of mobile phones. My wife… Read more »


LTE is good but only one problem with Australia is we have very small data allowance so it is really not really convince to have LTE if they are 200-300 more expensive than 3G version.




After spending the last 2 years on a Windows7-7.5 phone mate I can tell you to go the Android option. The Windows phones are really intuitive and the Lumia 920 looks awesome… but you have the old problem of no developer support. There are very few of the big franchise apps available, and until they figure that out the other OS’s will be a far better option unfortunately.


Thanks very much. I was torn but now I am more leaning towards the note two. I know a couple people who own the note and they love it despite or because of the size.

Angry Fran

I got my 3G Note 2 yesterday and it’s peachy keen. But until 4G is literally everywhere other than Sydney city, then no, i won’t be getting the 4G Note 2.

David Watt

4G is already in regional areas. Have you checked the 4G coverage map?


Not on the island… Even Optus 3G coverage sucks…

Atticus Parker

I’m hanging for the 64Gb version. It will be my portable entertainment phone.

Linh Nhat Ha

I don’t think they are going to release 64GB one just like they did with SIII, they cancelled all the 64GB order due to not enough demand

Atticus Parker

That would be a shame. The increased size of the Note II is perfect for media consumption if don’t want to buy a phone and a tablet.

Linh Nhat Ha

But it has MicroSD slot so you can always buy 64GB card to have extra space. Yes it would be nice if they have 64GB version so we can have 128GB in total. I want that too but look Samsung is not going to do that even though I have advertised they will have it.

Ben Liu

Too many of the big apps default to the internal SD card for the data files. Unless you do the funky stuff to move it off (GL2SD or equivalent if it does even work) and latest games coming out as 2GB in size, 16/32GB will not get you very far.. 64GB is the way to go..

Linh Nhat Ha

I never used android before so I’m not really sure. So you are saying that all apps will be installed on the internal memory not the MicroSD card? That is suck.

Mark Sobremonte

you can change in applications and going into that particular program which gives you an option to move to SD


I dont care….3g is fast enough so a kogan one is for me..who needs 4g on a phone for data anyhow..maybe if i had a massive quota and was running a server on my phone…

Linh Nhat Ha

For me it is always good to have the best in the market. 3G is enough yes but LTE will be a lot better when you need to get somethign quick, also I keep changing my phone every year so without LTE, the price of it wont be high when I sell it next year.

Ben Liu

Agree.. It will take the Telcos at least 2 years before 4G coverage even matches that of 3G and by that time, you’d be onto the Note 4 then.

Joei Joe Joe

But with the 4G version you can still get 3G coverage in areas where the 4G signal is lacking, right? Right???


Yes so should get 4G version. But what is the price compare to 3G…

Gee this drive me nut. Should I get 4G or cheap 3G 🙁


I personally will wait for the 4G version for better reselling value. The 3G version dropped about 100bucks once it was available if I recall correctly so I’m guessing the 4G one will too. Just need to have some patients.

Linh Nhat Ha

Nice but December is long wait, I will get one from UK or Singapore.