One of devices about which we’ve been receiving request for information is when and where people can get their hands on the Samsung Galaxy S III 4G(i9305). Kogan has just announced that they too have been hearing your requests for the 4G version of this phone and are now selling the black version on their website for $749 + delivery. The phone is definitely compatible with Australian 4G networks as per the advice on the Kogan Website :

This phone is compatible with Australia’s 4G networks. Experience mobile internet faster than you ever could have imagined.

The only discrepancy I can find on their site is the listing of the device as coming with Android 4.0 rather than the Jelly Bean that we’ve seen it listed with already, I’ve contacted Kogan to double check on this but have not yet received a reply. The Galaxy S III 4G is currently available from Optus or Virgin on their $60 and $59 per month plans and also from Telstra where it’s available for purchase on-line now or in stores from tomorrow. Good opportunity to get an outright sale on the Galaxy S III 4G head on over to the Kogan website to check it out.

UPDATE : Kogan has advised that the Galaxy S III will ship with Android 4.1.

Source: Kogan.
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Yeah Mobicity – never go with them. Ever. Bunch of liars.


With HSPA+ allowing up to 21mbs (I’ve actually managed to get 10mbs just once) which is plenty fast enough for mobile use. Will it turn out that we actually only get a constant good 3G connection minimum and the max LTE speed only once in a blue moon?


The annoying thing is I ordered the exact same phone through mobicity 10 days ago, and they still haven’t even sent it … apparently there are supplier issues with all S3 4G phones and there a minimum wait of 5-7 for the warehouse to get it then a further 2-5 for it to get to me … not happy at all!


I was contacted by mobicity today, apparently the black version won’t be coming to Australia unlocked for a few more weeks as there were issues. So if you want one now go for the grey variant.


If you were to buy this and go on prepaid, would you get 4G speeds?


I’m sure you will. A plan doesn’t impact the phone’s technology although I’m told that you’ll have to be careful as 4G eats up data very quickly.


Droptus has specific 4G accounts, you pay more so be careful