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Love it or hate it, your next Nexus looks to be shaping up to be manufactured by LG. The Nexus rumour mill is starting to really flow and now this set of photos has been uploaded to XDA of a phone that is supposedly the LG E960 which has been suggested by Droid-Life as the Nexus variant of the LG Optimus G. The E960 has already passed through the FCC in the US so perhaps an announcement could be coming shortly

As you can see from the gallery below there is a settings page which lists the Model Number as ‘Full JellyBean on Mako’ which fits with the naming convention for Nexus devices so far – Nexus One(Mahimahi), Nexus S(Herring), Galaxy Nexus (Tuna), Nexus 7(Grouper). Even the G1 and Xoom whilst not technically Nexus devices had fish based codenames as well (Trout and Stingray).

[nggallery id=153]

The one year anniversary of the launch of Ice Cream Sandwich and the Galaxy Nexus is only 10 days away now so hopefully we see something from Google in the next week or two at least an invite to an event would be welcome.

Source: XDATheVerge.
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Tell me there’s a Galaxy One X+ coming to please.


As you can see from the last photo its in a case like Samsung did with the S3 when testing.
here are some photos of what it will look like without the case. Much more nexus
scroll down


Looks a bit… square and boring?

No curved screen, no chin… and it’s even glossy.


Up until now all the nexus devices have pogo pins, so are there any photos with pogo?

Andrew Palozzo

That very last picture seems to hint maybe it’s in a square case?

Damon Lewis

Maybe a Galaxy Nexus in a case to troll everyone? haha