We recently posted our first thoughts on the Samsung’s latest phablet, the Galaxy Note II. Though at the time of writing, the eagerly anticipated LTE version wasn’t available from any of the usual retailers.

But fear not, reputable Australian online retailer Mobicity have just released the Galaxy Note II LTE version (N7105) available for pre-order. The current price is sitting at $829, which is the same as the non LTE variant was selling for on Mobicity at the time of it’s release. It appears Mobicity is the first retailer to make the LTE Note II available for pre-order, so if you want to be one of the first to get your hands on one, this might be the ideal chance.

Source: Mobicity.
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Cool it’s come a lot quicker than I thought (thats what she said). I’ll keep a hold of my $$$ until it’s in stock though.

Linh Nhat Ha

Not going to order it because Kogan is always alot cheaper.


Good luck with that,
Cheap isn’t always cheerful.


Kogan is crap and I had to return 2 phones from them and get a refund after a depute through paypal.
They even said that there is a scuff marks and told me that they will deduct %10 from the total value, although I put a case that I bought before even I get the phone and I was sure that there was no scuff marks at all, but it was their way to get some money of it.


Mmm.. I’m edgy – the N7105 didn’t have the right radios for Telstra/Optus 1800 band when I had looked into it. Will hold off till others buy 😉

Linh Nhat Ha

Depend what variant you buy. The one from UK and Singapore or HongKong is 1800/2600mhz because they use the same spectrum as us.

David Watt

If you look at the link I provided to the Mobicity page you’ll see it is indeed the 800/1800/2600 MHz band LTE.


I’m holding off until the competition starts and the price falls a little, but if you buy the phone from an Australia company, ie MobiCity, if they say it works on Telstra 4G then it must or you can return it by law – Or is that only Fair Trading in Victoria? (Item not fit for purpose)