Galaxy S III Mini

Some of us have big hands; some of us have small hands. Some of us like a phone that’s almost the size of a small tablet, and some of us just don’t. The Samsung Galaxy S III – a veritable giant amongst men – is on the larger side of smartphones these days, and while it’s still comfortable to use, if you have small hands, you might not agree.

If you want a smaller Galaxy S III, then you just might be in luck. The ‘regular’ Galaxy S III has great hardware and excellent industrial design, but more than a few people have commented that it’s just a little too big for some. The answer for those people might be around the corner – there are rumours circulating that the Samsung Galaxy S III Mini is on the way. Now, a retailer in northern Europe has revealed that not only does the Galaxy S III Mini exist, but it will be selling it for around $US 500.

Galaxy S III Mini Stock Listing

There’s precious little information on specifications available, but it appears that NFC has been removed, and it will feature a WVGA display, 5MP camera, dual core processor (instead of the quad-core in its bigger brother) and it will launch with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

A smaller Galaxy S III might help Samsung to compete with those who remain iPhone users not because of any love for iOS, but because the iPhone has traditionally been a smaller device that’s better suited to the majority of users’ hand sizes.

We should know more by October 11th, when a German press event is expected announce the new smartphone to the world.

Source: Engadget.
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7 years ago

I like the idea as I have friends and family who have been put off by the size of the sgs3. However, if the specs are as described then why wouldn’t you buy an sgs2 for better hardware at a lower cost? The only advantage of the mini would be Jelly Bean and slightly smaller screen.

7 years ago

Maybe a return to 4″? That would be nice!

I wouldn’t pay $500 for a 3.7″.

Dylan Xavier
7 years ago

“but it appears that NFC has been removed”

I believe it will come with an nfc version and a non nfc version based on that image.