Gamelofts first game running on the Unreal Engine : Wild Blood, is now available in the Google Play Store for $7.49. The game which is based on the Aruthurian legends is a re-imagining of the tale of Lancelot. Playing in third person as Sir Lancelot you will explore 10 levels on your way to Avalon in which you will fight the demons of hell that a mad King Arthur has unleashed, solving puzzles to reveal even more hidden locations along the way and fighting with up to 20 different types of enemies using a vast array of weaponry to help you defeat them. The game offers both spectacular and gory melee and ranged combat as well as a multi-player mode in which you can play with up to 7 friends in a 4 vs 4 team deathmatch or capture the flag.

Just over a month has passed since the game was released for iOS, so Gamelofts aim of having simultaneous launches for iOS and Android in 2012 is looking decidedly shaky at this stage, however, the game does look pretty awesome. The initial 688MB download is no doubt followed by a much larger download on first load so make sure you download over wi-fi if you have limited data attached to your plan. Check it out in the Google Play store.

Source: Google Play Store.