Google have today added the option for free trials for in-app subscriptions so that users can try a service out before forking out any money for it. Free trials aren’t automatically brought in for all subscriptions, instead it’s completely up to developers whether or not they implement the free trials that are a minimum length of one week.

For any subscription, you can set up a free trial period that lets users try your subscription content before buying it.

Upon starting a free trial, users are charged $0.00 against their chosen payment method. You can then cancel the free trial at any time before the end of the trial period, at which point you’ll be charged the full amount straight away.

Users are only eligible for one free trial per account, so don’t try living off freebies from developers; it won’t work.

We think this is a great addition to the way payments in Google Play work. Should developers give users free access to their service for a short period of time is going to make it more likely for the user to continue paying to use the service. What do you think?

Source: Android Developers.