The Verge has been sent a photo from Carphone Warehouse’s inventory which clearly shows a device going by the name “LG Nexus 4” — a seemingly obvious name given the next Nexus from LG is reported to be powered by a quad-core CPU clocked at 1.5GHz from Qualcomm.

The previously rumoured name for the device has been the LG Optimus Nexus, but that just doesn’t quite have the ring to it that Nexus 4 has.

Given that its already appearing in retailer inventories, it can only be a short amount of time before Google and LG make this thing official. There’s 3 weeks to get it out, Google. We have faith in you. Will you guys be signing up for an LG Nexus device?

Source: The Verge.
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LG devices are good but for some reason I’d feel better buying a Samsung phone. Couldn’t Google themselves make a nexus phone?


16Gb at a minimum or no deal for me. I’m really pushing my Desire Z to the limits with ICS on it, and it’s really due for an upgrade!

Luke Wiwatowski

Seems very much like a placeholder name.


Can’t understand why Google chooses LG as a manufacture for Nexus? Too bad and the quality will be sucks.


I am still undecided whether to trust an LG device… i really want a new phone- the shitty cam in the GNex is finally doing my head in and I do not want to buy a non-nexus phone…. I may give it a go- 16GB really limits the device though-sure Google want us to live in the cloud but games take up a lot of space (plus cache etc)- eg. MC3 takes up over 1GB by itself!! Give me 32 please Googlers… LTE doesnt concern me- when i am in LTE it is at home 90% of the time so… Read more »


LG still haven’t proven themselves as decent android manufacturers, imo. i can’t see this doing as well as the previous nexus devices. they just don’t have credibility…


Has to have 32gb storage or no deal. Sick of crippled Nexus devices.

Iain Simmons

It better also mean 4G! 🙂