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With the release of Android 4.1.2 to AOSP there was a flurry of activity yesterday as the Nexus 7 started receiving OTA updates to 4.1.2. Google has also just released factory images for both the Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 7 onto it’s Google Developers page. Whilst I’m sure an OTA update to 4.1.2 will be on the way soon for the Galaxy Nexus, for those of you who are still using carrier based firmware and waiting on Jelly Bean for your Galaxy Nexus now may be a good time to think about maybe doing some flashing. Head over to the Google Developers factory image page to grab the files for your device.

Source: AndroidCentralGoogle Developers.
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Pushed to my galaxy nexus 2 days ago, not sure whats different though

Jhoseth Galdamez

And yes my nexus 7 got the update which pushes me to flash my nexie even more

Jhoseth Galdamez

Question, I’ve been wanting to flash jelly bean images on my gnexus on Vodafone carrier but don’t know if this is possible and its my first time, so don’t know if I could fix it if I brick it, any help would be much appreciated, thanks


I was in the same situation as you, until I found this. Really helped my noob-like mind out. http://webtrickz.com/easiest-way-to-change-galaxy-nexus-from-yakjuxw-non-yakju-to-android-4-0-4-yakjutakju/


I got me my 4.1.2 Nexus 7 update last night…Happy days!

Luke Howell

I’m using a Nexus 7 and still don’t have access to the OTA update. Anyone else having the same problem?


Yep – no OTA for me yet either


None for me either

Buzz Moody

None here. 🙁


Day 5: Still just a potato

Geoff Fieldew

Pity these weren’t up last night when I was doing Nexus 7s. Oh well, I can do the GNex tonight 🙂

Jhoseth Galdamez

Sounds life,e you know what your doing would you be so kind to help me out a little?