Yesterday, Android 4.1.2 was released for the Nexus 7 and the source code was merged into AOSP. It has taken the CyanogenMod team one day to update their custom ROM to the latest version. It begs the question that if a group of amateur enthusiasts can manage this, why does it take OEMs months, if ever to update Android versions?

Anyway, rants aside, you can download the latest nightly for your device here, or if you are running one of the more recent nightly builds, you can get the update through the new-fangled CyanogenMod Updater.

Source: CyanogenMod.
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    cyanogen mod is the best mod for now ….

    Ian Tester

    It doesn’t beg the question, it simply *raises* it.

    James Finnigan

    Haha! Touché, my good man. Noted for the future 🙂


    I think the other thing missed here is that Cyanogen rely on the users to test the new roms for them and provide feedback whereas OEM’s try and do all the testing in house before release. Two very different end users require two very different approaches. I still don’t think OEM’s should take as long as they do, though.


    The problem oem’s face is the majority of users want something that works, first time, every time! Enthusiasts who want bleeding edge know they will have problems! But the oem’s should support devs like cyanogenmod with documentation etc etc, after all they are free to use these custom roms as part of their versions!


    Amateur enthusiasts? I think those are the people working at the OEM’s and carriers. I’d hardly call the group of people behind such massive ROMs such as CyanogenMod ‘amateur’.


    I think they mean amateur as in they’re not doing this for the job and thus as their profession.

    James Finnigan

    Yes, this is what I meant. They are incredible people and I’m very grateful for their work, and the fact that they do not get paid for it just makes the whole thing even more incredible. Go team!