It’s been a long wait and it doesn’t appear that an end is in sight. Australian carriers are still waiting for Samsung to submit the Jelly Bean update for the Galaxy Nexus to them for testing and Vodafone has just published a statement from Samsung on their blog regarding the delay in supplying the update to carriers for testing :

“Samsung are working as quickly as possible to address Australian market specific issues for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. We will launch the Jellybean software as soon as the software has met all our quality checks and is network tested and approved by our partners.”

At this stage I can pretty much sense the frustration that Vodafone are having about getting their hands on the update seeing as they still have to run it through testing before having Samsung push it out to phones.

It also doesn’t really help much when you’re stuck on Ice Cream Sandwich and you purchased a Nexus device to ensure that you would have the latest updates on your phone. Vodafone recommend if you have comments for Samsung Australia you reach out to them via their Facebook Page or via their website and I too strongly recommend this. For now I`ll just leave this link to the Google Developers page where Jelly Bean factory images for the GSM Galaxy Nexus are available for downloading and flashing.

Source: Vodafone Blog.
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Vasko Bozinovski

Ideally all of the Telco’s here in Australia should treat Android like they treat “Apple” (sorry I had to say it here… Not a fan of their phone’s) because Apple literally says “screw the Telco we release the updates” and really… how bad has their reception etc been? Not so bad.

Telco’s just get in the way… 2G/3G/4G being industry standards should just work universally irrespective of where you are (provided your phone has the right bands).


Samsung Australia are horrible at releasing updates locally. I’ve been wondering where the update for the phone was.

And on a side note Samsung AU still haven’t released the Galaxy Tab 7.7 ICS update here.


Can someone leave a link to a place were we can root our vodafone gn and how to flash googles image ? Please someone help ….


Its a very easy and quick process, and you don’t need to root, just unlock the boot loader. This link is for update to stock ICS, but once on this you will get JB automatically from Google.

Vasko Bozinovski

Try my method (read my reply above).

I would root it if you ever want to overclock with a custom kernel 🙂 But my method is also very straightforward using the Nexus Toolkit.
You need to be aware that our Australian Galaxy Nexus devices are IMM76K firmware models so the above was very handy when I did my mates at work.


Is there anyway to buy an unlocked nexus through the play store? seems to be tgd only way to enjoy the nexus experience.

Milty C

Ive leant my lesson. If i ever buy a nexus again i will make 100% sure it gets updated directly from Google. I ended up flashing my gnex with Google’s stock rom but its a disgrace that i had to do that.


Ho wdid you do it ?

Vasko Bozinovski

Hey bud, My mate had a 4.0.4 Nexus from Vodafone and he was frustrated he wasn’t on Jellybean when it’s meant to be the ‘Google Experience’. I unlocked his bootloader, rooted it, and install the 4.1.1 Jellybean ROM from the below article. Works perfectly!!!! To do this read this article here: The guy in that article has the Australian Vodafone IMM76K GNexus. Reading on that I went and downloaded the Galaxy Nexus Toolkit which does it all for you.. Get it from the above link. You can then pretty much do it step by step and I even… Read more »

John Yung

And where in the picture is the Samsung Galaxy Note. JB is running on notes over seas…


I wish they hurry up and send update to Vodafone sick of ics I want jelly bean and new apps and upgraded look

David Anderton

Samsung fail. The reality is that the Galaxy Nexus didn’t sell as well as the S3 and even though the main selling point of the nexus is its the first receiver of updates, Samsung is using its resources on its better selling phones and in the process screwing those that bought the Nexus.


Meh, I rooted and installed custom roms on it long ago.
Just updated to latest CynogenMod Rom.
will probably update it again when stable rom for 4.12 is released.


I have never been a fan of flashing ROMs, especially since there are hundreds of instructions, most of which start with: “Download this thing from this unknown location and install it.” I finally bit the bullet, installed the Android SDK from the Google Developer site, then downloaded the Google images, also from the Google Developer site, then crossed my fingers and went with it. No need to root, though you will need to OEM unlock which for security purposes will wipe your phone. I promptly locked it again after I moved from Samsung’s to Google’s ROM. Now I have a… Read more »

Martin Leonard

I am sure I will end up flashing the Google image but as you say why should I have to! I am with Virgin Aus and they are useless at responding on these things!

Vasko Bozinovski

Enjoy the goodness of Jellybean today. Read my above post. It pretty much has 0-risk. I read up on those two articles I posted and within 30 minutes I was literally all done which included downloading the ROM images through the Nexus Toolkit

Avon Perera

What market specific issues??? My unlocked GNex is working just fine and it’s been on JB since a week after its release!

Paul Walker

As you say, very disappointing. You buy a Nexus device to get the updates. I shouldn’t have to download a different ROM just to get updates. C’mon Samsung!

Also, site in the first sentence should be sight 😉

Daniel Tyson

Good catch, changed 🙂